Holly trinity of projects

three objectives of project
1 time: time has to do with the duration of the project (time frame needed to execute your project.
2 the scope: is usually a description of requirement,qualities,specification of a product that we are going to eventually deliver.
3 budget: has everything to do with cost and resources that we have available to us for the purpose of the project.
the reason it is called the Holy trinity is because each one of these different objectives might pull in different way.
if we are limited by time,and we really need to meet a certain deadline.we may need to think about giving up on one of the other two objectives.either in scope by reducing it or by finding more money to support an accelerated schedule.
as an entrepreneur is left for you to know among the three objective of project of which of them(time,scope and budget) to be constrained,optimize and compromise in order have a successful project.


Thank you very much