How do you convert potential customers of other brands to join your brand movement

You have a shoe company, call it Puma and you need to convert diehard Addidas customers who believe in the Adidas brand to join Puma’s brand movement and you both serve same quality of footwears and you’re both great. How can you achieve this milestone. Drop your thoughts Family.


I believe in branding, all you need to do is make sure your products standard pass that of your competitors and make your you charge less than your competitors
Apply this 2 and thank me later


You can do this in so many ways though is not going to be easy. First you need to find out what adidas stand s for outside making fashionable, quality durable sport wears. If your products is of the same quality and standard then look outside the box for example coca-cola and seven-up. coca-cola advert target our emotions while 7up is just targeted at the prooduct and price. How will you feel buying a bottle of coca-cola and you see your boldly written on wont you want to keep the bottle even after drinkining its content? Think of what you can offer your customers out the product offerings.


Charge less? No. This your principle will not suffice


Ok. Thanks for your contribution You have a point , I would appreciate if you can bring up more ideas on this. When you criticise, give solutions too please. Thanks.

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Carry out an extensive survey on Adidas; the product, pricing options,services delivered etc. Then conduct a needs assessment (KYC) of the target customers (survey/analysis) based on the acquired information. Then FIND A NICHE…and capitalize on that niche.
NB: you don’t have to get the die hard customer of Adidas to join Puma’s brand movement you know. You can gain your own market share and even exceed your customer base if you get it right. And you can ride along together.
Always remember to FOCUS ON THE PROBLEM you are addressing AND THE SOLUTION you are providing.


By giving them quality producs/services that meet and exceed their expectations.


Since you both produce same footwear , and same target audience which are athletes, foot ballers etc, the quality of your product should be work on. And secondly, I advice use penetration pricing at the introduction stage.

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  1. Trust. Customers can always tell when you divert from your brand promise. Staying true to who you really are is golden. It’s better to underpromise and over delivery than vice-versa.

  2. Quality customer service. A promising business venture with bad customer relationship will only end up in ruins. Founders and business executive should ensure that employees in charge of picking customers calls and responding to emails and inquires are adequately trained to understand and apply latest techniques and procedures when relating with customers both offline and online in order to ensure future success.

Likewise, crucial and sensitive complaints should be forwarded to founders or senior executives if need be. This leaves an impression on the heart and mind of customers that their voices are heard and opinion valid.

By so doing, the company gets to discover what customers really want and are poised in satisfying their need. Thereby increasing their market share, customer base and profit

Ensure good quality products, in this case the shoes, and then , ensure good customer care services with efficient delivery process.

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I think improving the product quality and better management of customers facilitate the Brand change. Also the creation of closer relation with customers facilitate this change.

I want to react to this conversation base on my personal market experience in Nigeria. I produce Chili Pepper powder with brand name: Olanreforward Foods chili pepper powder. Their is this market leader with brand name: Hot pepper produced by Mr Chef a popular brand in Ibadan. I am succeeding gradually in getting part of their customers to my own side with Price reduction and improved quality (pungency, quantity and stone free) which I borrowed from the strategy Rite Foods adopted in entering the market in Nigeria.