How do you convert potential customers of other brands to join your brand movement

You have a shoe company, call it Puma and you need to convert diehard Addidas customers who believe in the Adidas brand to join Puma’s brand movement and you both serve same quality of footwears and you’re both great. How can you achieve this milestone. Drop your thoughts Family.


I believe in branding, all you need to do is make sure your products standard pass that of your competitors and make your you charge less than your competitors
Apply this 2 and thank me later


You can do this in so many ways though is not going to be easy. First you need to find out what adidas stand s for outside making fashionable, quality durable sport wears. If your products is of the same quality and standard then look outside the box for example coca-cola and seven-up. coca-cola advert target our emotions while 7up is just targeted at the prooduct and price. How will you feel buying a bottle of coca-cola and you see your boldly written on wont you want to keep the bottle even after drinkining its content? Think of what you can offer your customers out the product offerings.


Charge less? No. This your principle will not suffice


Ok. Thanks for your contribution You have a point , I would appreciate if you can bring up more ideas on this. When you criticise, give solutions too please. Thanks.


Carry out an extensive survey on Adidas; the product, pricing options,services delivered etc. Then conduct a needs assessment (KYC) of the target customers (survey/analysis) based on the acquired information. Then FIND A NICHE…and capitalize on that niche.
NB: you don’t have to get the die hard customer of Adidas to join Puma’s brand movement you know. You can gain your own market share and even exceed your customer base if you get it right. And you can ride along together.
Always remember to FOCUS ON THE PROBLEM you are addressing AND THE SOLUTION you are providing.


By giving them quality producs/services that meet and exceed their expectations.


Since you both produce same footwear , and same target audience which are athletes, foot ballers etc, the quality of your product should be work on. And secondly, I advice use penetration pricing at the introduction stage.

  1. Trust. Customers can always tell when you divert from your brand promise. Staying true to who you really are is golden. It’s better to underpromise and over delivery than vice-versa.

  2. Quality customer service. A promising business venture with bad customer relationship will only end up in ruins. Founders and business executive should ensure that employees in charge of picking customers calls and responding to emails and inquires are adequately trained to understand and apply latest techniques and procedures when relating with customers both offline and online in order to ensure future success.

Likewise, crucial and sensitive complaints should be forwarded to founders or senior executives if need be. This leaves an impression on the heart and mind of customers that their voices are heard and opinion valid.

By so doing, the company gets to discover what customers really want and are poised in satisfying their need. Thereby increasing their market share, customer base and profit


Ensure good quality products, in this case the shoes, and then , ensure good customer care services with efficient delivery process.


I think improving the product quality and better management of customers facilitate the Brand change. Also the creation of closer relation with customers facilitate this change.

I want to react to this conversation base on my personal market experience in Nigeria. I produce Chili Pepper powder with brand name: Olanreforward Foods chili pepper powder. Their is this market leader with brand name: Hot pepper produced by Mr Chef a popular brand in Ibadan. I am succeeding gradually in getting part of their customers to my own side with Price reduction and improved quality (pungency, quantity and stone free) which I borrowed from the strategy Rite Foods adopted in entering the market in Nigeria.

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Good evening Mr. Olanrewa. In marketing products, you dont mention company names directly that you are competing with. Please let’s learn to be professional in our dealings. Such company can take legal actions against you. Be guided please. Thanks

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The first thing one has to know is that 80% of Nigerians buy footwears on the bases of it’s appearance/price and not necessarily brand. A normal Nigerian goes to a boutique/market, sees a very nice footwear, inspect the physical quality and price then decides to purchase it not minding or inspecting the brand. 80% belongs to this category.

Let me shock you. An Adidas footwear lover could go to a boutique and sight a gorgeous footwear with very nice physical qualities but only to discover the footwear is a puma brand. He will purchase that puma footwear and being a Adidas lover, he will patronise their brand by purchasing one or two Adidas footwear and go home happy.

Base on the above scenario, Puma should work on the physical appearance of their footwear to make it irresistable to outlook. Puma market researchers should put down 10 most purchased Adidas footwear and try to replicate their design with sense.


Every company has a weak point or a deficit…before TSTV there was DSTV. But TSTV came with the pay as you watch feature which made some DSTV customers to make a charge…same as glo which came with the per second billing…so just do your findings there is always something to imptove about there brand which you can capitalise on

I keep on learning from your comments and post each day thank you sir

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Hi guys,
I totally agree with many of your comments such as doing Survey to know more about customer preferences, any issues with your competitors…etc but I disagree with reducing the price.
Sometimes the price is not as important as the value of the product so we could add more value to our clients such as
1- different colors
2- shipping withing 24 hours
3- online orders
4- size fit
5- atmosphere about the ads of the brand such as the ads of chocolate as if you deliver important message to the target audiences “how can you like without our brand” “Happiness and Joy with our brand” “Friendship is completed when going out with Puma brand”…etc.


I was having this conversation with a friend yesterday and one thought I shared with him is take for instance you get to see network provider like Airtel in Nigeria engaging in massive advertising and giving crazily low price services.

In your case, selling low may not be profitable. So my conclusion whilst having that conversation is "engage in advertising and publicity. Look for creative ways to reach your competitors market. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Permit me to draw your attention here,

According to Roy Williams in July 31st, 2007, predictable advert do not support the brocas area of the brain, which understands language,
They fail to gain the attention of prospective costumers. 90% of advert are either

Information Without persuasion,
Entertainment without persuasion or
Decoration without persuasion.

To convert potential clients to your products, tell the story differently and this time with persuasion.

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Get your findings about the customer preference of the other brand, produce long lasting foot wears at an affordable price, advertise your products in a fun way to convince customers, Get a good customer services to keep customer relationship smooth.