How Do You Deal With Disappointment As An Entrepreneur

I still remember when I first applied for TEF Grant way back in 2017. I had just begun my entrepreneural journey and I had high expectations. I was filled with enthusiasm cos I felt all I needed was a great idea and everything else would fall into place. How wrong I was. Slowly my bubble got burst. Disappointments after rejections followed. My idea was great to me but seemingly not to others. applied to TEF 2017 didn’t get in. Applied again 2018 didn’t get in either. By then I had almost given up. Well 2019 I picked myself up, and launched out again. In all, I have learnt a few valuable lessons about entrepreneurship chief of which is never give up on your dream. Rejections are normal for every entrepreneur especially when you are starting out with limited capital, no team etc. But the truth is, it only gets better after a while as long as you stay your course. You might suffer at the beginning trying to get your startup off the ground, but think about this, you will suffer alone for just a little while and then it will get better. But if you give up on your dream simply cos of rejection, you won’t just suffer alone, every other person who would have benefited from your dream would also suffer as well.

Don’t give up on your dream. IT WILL ONLY GET BETTER!!!

One thing that has helped me all this while is mentorship. it can help you too. Find a mentor who has succeeded in what you want to do and learn from the person. Join a community of entrepreneurs. Draw motivation from other entrepreneurs. Success is not a journey travelled on a bicycle, it is a journey best travelled on a train filled with likeminded individuals. Together we can all win

TEF2020 here we come. It is either we win or we find other ways to win


The first step in disappointment is to take it in and allow yourself to feel it, but here’s the catch, do it as objectively as possible.
Ask yourself, why specifically are you disappointed? How does this experience make you feel about yourself? What fear or doubt do you have that are playing into this emotional response?
Experience the discomfort, but examine it as well. When you take an objective look at your disappointment and the reason behind it, you will often find it Sting’s so much because the failure makes you feel inadequate. It feed your own doubt and uncertainties and causes you to tie circumstances beyond your control to your skills.
Keep your game face on; your attitude affect your entire team. If your staff see’s you sulking, they will feel uninspired and doubtful as well.
It extend to your competitors as well. Any display of weakness on your part could give them the edge they have been looking for to take the lead in the market.


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