How do you ensure a productive day, week, quarter and year

At the moment, I am redirecting my fashion business to the ready go wear niche.
I have Identified the niche I want to face, then the skills I’ll require to kick off. I have also gone ahead to set SMART quarterly goals. For me this quarter, that’s learning fashion illustration, polishing my pattern drafting skills, identifying fabric sources amongst other things.
Each day I make a checklist on which of these goals I am facing, taking it one day at a time.
So far this has been very helpful.

Kindly share other tips to ensure maximum productivity. Plus I would also love to connect with anyone already in the ready to wear niche for some brainstorming. Thank you


Pay serious attention to making that your customers get their clothe as at when promised; better still, try as much as possible to deliver before promised date, and this will lead to loyalty and referral behaviour of your customers


Hello @Fatima_Busari I am a fashionpreneur and also make ready to wear…

  1. The start-up isn’t going to be easy but you have an advantage, you are here and learning the required things for a start-up.
  2. You have your plans arranged which is a good one. A ready to wear cost more because you are making more production in different sizes. Have it at the back of your mind that some will sell and some wont.
  3. I will suggest making small quantity of each styles first so you know what exactly your customers really like and are willing to buy. With this, u can reduce cost of production, understand your niche and customers better, and make sales too.
  4. Honestly, you won’t get it completely right at first but trust me, u will get better as u shuffle collections and gather more experience in the Field.
  5. Been a successful fashionpreneur is a dream and that dream will strengthen you in your business🙏
  6. I will also suggest you try other types of clothing aside from ready to wear. It’s not a bad idea to be diverse and see how your customers react to other clothing outfits.
    I hope these points I stated can be of help

Do you know your break even point already?