How to avoid self doubt in your entrepreneurship journey

Every entrepreneur at one point experience self doubt,lets learn how to avoid it.

1.know you are not alone,everyone has doubts,don’t think you are the only one suffering from lack of self will sabotage your business of you feel this is particular to you.

2.Stop worrying about what others think-
When your spend your time and energy trying to understand and manage peoples perception of you,you may get stuck feeling inadequate. Do not judge your achievements based on other peoples success.set your targets and beat them,you will grow at your pace.

3.Distract yourself-
when negative thoughts want to dominate your mind,try to distract can take a walk,exercise,see a movie or engage in other activities you like.

4.Appreciate yourself-
Always appreciate your accomplishments, no matter how little or big they are,this will give you some sense of fulfillment.

5.Forgive yourself
Don’t beat yourself up feeling miserable when things don’t turn out as planned,always remember through failure,we learn,dust yourself up and do better.

6.Face your fears
Finally,do not allow self doubt destroy or dictate how your entrepreneurship life will turn out.Dont be afraid to fail,you can only realize what you are capable of,when you push yourself.

I hope this helps😊
Thank you for reading


Very insightful


@Suleiman_habib thank you😊

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One method I use once self doubt creep in is to quickly remind myself that am not alone on this. at least I have a platform where i can share my worries and get answers.


This is a very good write-up about the “I must succeed attitude” exhibited by resilient entrepreneurs. Thanks Deborah for this piece.


@Rex_Eririe you are welcome😊

Thank you Deborah no 2 is so me, I am working on building my self confidence and this platform have been helpful. It so good reading from people who can relate with your everyday struggle. Thanks again.


@Amarachi_Obiajuru you are welcome,am glad you find the writeup useful,i wish you success as you implement.

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@Rose_Allison nice one,it is good to be among like minds.