How would you describe your moment of writing BP & FP?

(Timothy Williams) #1

The greatest and freaking moment I ever had during the 12 weeks training is the business plan stage, but it finally became fun, interesting and a lovable moment. It was not just an exercise, it was a life experience. Who am I to pay for this auspicious training received, but TEF chose me to enjoy at no penny.
All thanks to TEF, words alone can’t express
my profound gratitude. I am grateful!
May God reward our hustle with success!
God bless The Tony Elumelu Foundation!

(Julienne Nuh) #2

For me, I would say I just left from an amateur in writing business plans to being a mogul in just 3 months. I can’t brag as much with financials because I needed a lot of help to understand, talk less of, calculate certain parts. But, ifthe expérience got me closer to some TEF entrepreneurs and I learned basic arithmetic that I left ages ago. I would forever remain grateful to the Foundation for this training.


Like a woman in Labor Pains.

(ismail osman ahmed) #4

Very painful, annoying, confusing, stressful. I here deeply address my gratitude to Ms Aurélie without whom I could not be able to submit properly my works. She has oriented me and advised accurately. Till 48h before the dealine, I was OUT.
Many thanks to all tef2019 African Entrepreneurs family who were available for commitment, and helping other in trouble.
My deep gratitude goes also to Uwem, Tef team, and all other assistant of the Foundation, and Con. Tony Elumelu for his engagement toward African entrepreneurship.
Time for us to prove to the world that Africa is still and will be empowered.


(Gladmore Moses) #5

interesting and challenging

(Timothy Williams) #6

It is awesome experience

(Timothy Williams) #7

Reminds me of when my head refused to boot and my brain could not process. I became wordless, points and facts got finished and I was like come on…beating the head to reboot but it refused until I took an hour nap by force (I forcefully restart my brain).

(Timothy Williams) #8

Hahaha, that was when you thought I was gonna finish but refuses to (waiting for the baby to come out, but it says not yet).
When you thought you have done it well but as you go through it over again, you discover more typos and some traditional vocabularies used. I sent good 48 hrs of no going out, didn’t see the brightness of the sun within those 48 hrs.

(Timothy Williams) #9

@Jullenne Julienne Nuh
Seriously, I don’t used to take the FP of a BP serious because I don’t much like figures, but with TEF, it became fun. Now I can review FP, assess and write FP for people see.