I Don't understand this year TEF Application Process

Hello please can someone explain to me how this year TEF application works, because i was ask to fill an assessment task,which actually looks like a survey, after completing the task, i haven’t received any email, nor response, or link to continue with the application.


Patience !

Did you do as ask in the instructions vis this time it’s four parts and each part is one hour and you need to get everything ready before starting.

I wanted to find the part for filling in your profile where it has the business generator is it same as the application form?I did fill in on the 60minute assessment test.i saw something new on the business generator it was just saying download there is no part for submission of the business plan.please guide.


Good morning, please it has not gotten to the submission of business plan stage. Pls recheck the process, and then try to see where there is a step you skip. :+1: