I have a great business Idea but do not have the capital and the in depth knowledge of how to go about it

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Hey man, love the question, I’ll work through my thoughts as far as what steps you should take. This is roughly what I would do if I were starting over.

I would write out my idea, and think of what it would look like if B2B and B2C (if it’s possible). Then I’d break them both down and see what pivots or variations/possibilities there are. Ex. If the idea is Airbnb for cars. B2B would be 1) Have a business that rents company cars to different businesses, so the business doesn’t have to buy them. 2) Employees can rent their cars to companies so they can have company cars (dumb idea, I know…). Then I would break down those 2 or more ideas, and figure out what the most plausible one is.
If you did the first step, really sit down and see if you genuinely care about the problem you think you’re solving.
Now it’s time for the real work…Validating your idea. I would honestly just google: How to validate my startup idea, start reading and learning. One thing I recommend is asking your network (people who have the problem you think you solve) to hop on a call, figure out their pain points, and see if your business solves any of their pain points (Don’t tell them what you’re working on). Once they mention the pain point you solve, tell them you found this (App/Platform/Product) that does (Tell them what your idea does, but don’t mention that it’s yours), see if they are genuinely intrigued, and ask for it. If they do, you might be onto something.
Now that you’ve validated your idea, pat yourself on the back, because that’s a pretty hard thing to do. Ok…enough celebration. Now it’s time to figure out how to build this thing. I’m going to assume you’re not a developer. Do you have any friends who are dev’s? If so ask them if they like the idea and would be open to being a cofounder potentially. If they say “yes”, that’s awesome, you guys need to go on a “first date” and see if you’re a good fit for one another. Ask about topics that typically make people uncomfortable and see how well you work through it. If you have no friends who are dev’s that’s much harder…I’d suggest doing some research into how to find a cofounder. There are a few founder dating sites, so just good that and give them a go.
Alright, so now you have a cofounder, and idea, some validation, and no money. Here’s where it gets a bit tricky. I would suggest you either ask friends/family, find pitch comps or grants, start a Gofundme, or go on the corner and beg for cash! Otherwise, if you can scrape together $100 or so, you can build and host your website, and spend a few $$ on Ads and see if your target is interested in what you have. Build a “Landing Page” to collect emails and once you gauge the interest you can start developing.
You made it this far??? REALLY!!! Well done! Time to make an MVP, which is a Minimum Viable Product. Since you’ve collected emails, and validated your idea, it’s time to build the most simple working version of whatever it is you’re building, then see if you can get some people to use/pay for it. Once you have some people using it, especially if they’re paying… it’s time for step 7.
Angel round. If you made it to this point, it’s probably time for you to get some initial investment. Apply to accelerators, and use LinkedIn and cold emails to reach out to potential investors. Tell them about your awesome product, cofounders and the traction you have thus far.
Best of luck!