I needs help

Please help me, I have problems with CAC so I don’t have any business certificate now. Please what do I do?
The foundation opened an account for me but I have not submitted any documents, can I still submit the account details?

Please I need ur too I don’t even how to get in touch with the foundation.Shadrach please help me!!..

why dont you send an email or call direct

All of you, you can call them directly, if you don’t have their number contact one of the entrepreneurs for help

You can send a mail to Ibukun. Also send this your complain on the TEEP telegram for quick and effective responses

I have a similar problem

TIMITAYO May you kindly give me the email address of IBUKUN, Send to Kabagambejulius2020@gmail.com

Please group… What is the update about the business plan review???

It looks we are all still green about the business plan and financials review progress! I even thought my email had a problem

Send an email to the Foundation, explaining your predicament and a possible extension of time for you to be able to submit.

Please can anybody help me on how to upload my business plan please help