Important tips that will contribute to your success even before the actual training begins

  1. Don’t wait till the program starts before visiting the toolkit. Visit the toolkit and start training on the free modules to get used to the lessons.
  2. Always visit the platform at least once every two days. Participate in the community and be proactive.
  3. Like and comment on posts. Keep the forum active and be a major.
  4. Complete your profile and put a profile picture. Clearer identifications increases trust. A bank can tell you better.
  5. Always post about your business or business idea. Start training on the template business plan and one pager and also begin your market studies if you haven’t.

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Timely info. Thanks

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Timely. Thanks

Thank you for the information.

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Thanks for the tips, let me get to the toolkit already

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Nice tips. Thank You.

And learn to wait for instructions from TEF ONLY. Don’t allow yourself be misled my wrong information.

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