Incomplte tasks

(Joyce Akosa) #1

I learnt quite a lot during these 12weeks. Iit seems something went wrong with my system because l did all the tasks and some did not show on TEF system. I had to go over it again and again and redo them and finally I had to sceenshot all my 12weeks tasks and send them to admin .I hope they will help me rectify it

(Yared Estifanos Gebriel) #2

It might be because you had two different mentors. If that is the case, then, your detailed tasks appear under their respective names.

(Joyce Akosa) #3

The Mentor given to me never responded and I had to look for some one outside of TEF to mentor me. I think they should have sorted it out by now because I called Mr Uwem to notify him of my sceern shots and he said they will sort it out .