Investment lessons from the game of football

Football is easily the most popular sport in the world. The game has a lot of lessons about living which an observant person can learn from.

The game of football is quite interesting as teams compete for points, trophies and league positions.

Two teams get on the pitch and one will obviously play better than the other but that does not mean the one that holds the ball more during the duration of the match will get the points.

The one who holds the ball less might win because they took the scoring opportunities that came their way.

One statement is true in football and is amply demonstrated by superior players and teams. They take their scoring chances. For example, a team may win a game by three goals but could probably have missed some other eight chances during the game.

On the other hand, a team that had just one scoring chance could draw against a team with so many scoring chances.

There is one major lesson you can learn about investment as it relates to scoring a goal in football. That is making use of every money you make in a way that is sustainable on the long run.

For instance, every human probably have their dry and wet seasons. There are times when money comes easily to you than at other times. A wise person who sees money as a seed will not get into spending everything plus the surplus, rather, he will put some money aside and invest it in other business that can ensure the multiplication of his money.

The fact is that no sum of money is a waste. There is a difference between been a miser and a waster. The best position to be as it pertains to finances is in the middle where you are cautious with your spending.

Back to the game of football. A team due to its performances may place high or low on the league standings. Sometimes, to decide the champion, number of goals scored and conceded are used to measure the strength of the best team.

If your defence is leaky, then it is important that your attack must score many goals to offset that challenge. Here, if you tend to use money anyhow, you need to earn more to meet up with your expenses. This is not sustainable as it keeps you down for long.

On the other hand, the team that takes its scoring chances and record multiple goals per match will have little challenge in winning the league. This goes to show that a wise investor of money will hardly lack money.

Investment is a short and long term option. What it ultimately does is to ensure that your money is not wasted but put into good use where you will possibly earn more money that you actually put aside.

Everyman has his seasons. It is only the wise that will ensure that his wet season grow into a river that will quench his thirst for money until his death.

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You got it correct. and it should be noted that is a very big business in the world of football.

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