Invitation for pitching

Hello great minds,

I learnt some people received invitation against February 1st,

I did not receive such mail.

Please when was the invitation sent?
was it via mail or sms.

Thanks in anticipation of your response


I have not received any such document. except still waiting.


The invitation is not to pitch. It was to inform the 2020 batch that the portal will be open for them in order to review their initial submissions and reconfirm same. I guess its a control measure to know how many within the batch are still active/interested in the program.


@Alexander_Ndubuisi-U, thanks my brother, you have already put the matter straight.

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Many thanks for your response. so mail/sms sent to any of us regarding it

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Be assured that not every successful 2020 applicant got the mail. However, since it’s the standard that prevails over all successful 2021 applicant, to re-assess and resubmit their applications, we all wait till Feb 1st.

My candid advice: Continue working on your ideas or business and update yourselves on the latest on your business so that resubmission can be raised and faster.