Invoice template

(Miracle Ekwebelam) #1

Key things your invoice template should have

Company logo
TEEP ID number

Bill to
(Address of the foundation):
Tony Elumelu Foundation
1 MacGregor Road, Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria.

Item Description

Amount in words
Company signature

Payment instructions
Account name:
Account number:

Do note that the invoice is only valid when there is no alteration

(nura Muhammad) #2

Bro hope you will gide me on this

(Miracle Ekwebelam) #3

you can send me your email so i will forward the template to you

(Jersia Sousa) #4

Moracle please do send the template to me please. Thanks

(Fridolin NTAHOMPAGAZE) #5

Send me an invoice template to
thank you.

(Shadrach Akpan) #6

please send to


(Hakeem Mahmud) #7

Please send to me as well:

(Matthew Ekenna) #8

Ask questions.

(Yared Estifanos Gebriel) #9

Thanks for sharing the template of a document that I am critically looking for.

(Eubaldo Mesi Ndong) #10

i would like to have the template

(Yared Estifanos Gebriel) #11

Brother Miracle: May you attach the template on …thanks.

(Dembel Gebeyehu) #12

Thank you for sharing us.

(Ogouyome akotchaye) #13

Please to

(Miracle Ekwebelam) #14

Hello everyone, apologies for the late response. If you requested the invoice template, kindly check your emails. If i skipped your, email, just reply to this message and drop it again, i will surely forward it to you. Also, don’t forget that deadline for submission still remains 31st of August. Best of luck to us all.

(Thomas Zira) #15

(Blessing Tapshak) #16
Thank you

(nura Muhammad) #17

Please miracle powered it and explain to me God bless you here is mine