Invoice template

Key things your invoice template should have

Company logo
TEEP ID number

Bill to
(Address of the foundation):
Tony Elumelu Foundation
1 MacGregor Road, Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria.

Item Description

Amount in words
Company signature

Payment instructions
Account name:
Account number:

Do note that the invoice is only valid when there is no alteration


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Hello everyone, apologies for the late response. If you requested the invoice template, kindly check your emails. If i skipped your, email, just reply to this message and drop it again, i will surely forward it to you. Also, don’t forget that deadline for submission still remains 31st of August. Best of luck to us all.
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please what of the notarized undertaking, i cant see any download link for the document. Thanks

If possible I want a notarized undertakings format too.
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