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Continuing the discussion from Self made(a must see):

Entrepreneurs like all of us on this platform need inspiration from time to time. Apart from reading books which is one of my ways of getting inspired, i have found quiet a number of movies to do the trick too.(And besides, all work and no play, they say makes Jack a dull boy :grin:) I have made my Friday nights a “Movie Night” where i pick one movie to watch for inspiration and entertainment. Over the years i have watched a great number of movies that not only inspired me but also motivated me. The topic was inspired by another topic created by @Deborah_Stephen-Alae and below is a list of my MUST WATCH movie recommendations.

  1. The Social Network
  2. The Founder
  3. The Intern
  4. The Pursuit of Happiness
  5. The Inventor: Out for Blood In Silicon Valley
  6. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
  7. As Dreamers Do
  8. Thank you for Smoking
  9. The Banker
  10. Dolemite is My Name
  11. Ford v Ferrari
  12. The Wolf of Wall Street


  1. Shark Tank
  2. Silicon Valley
  3. Billions
  4. Halt and Catch Fire
  5. Ballers
  6. Suit
  7. Self Made

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Bird Box this help us to know the importance of seeing beyond our physical eye

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@Bright_Katako Thank you for continuing this discussion and for the movie suggestions.:hugs:,definitely going to see them .

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Will go through some of the movies.

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Long Walk to Freedom

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I love this movie.

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Thanks for sharing

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