My wish : community hope

Good morning Africa.
I do wish to be selected for the TEF2020 program training such that my project comes to live and the great hope of the community getting to have a clinic that provides women orriented health care services.
So help me mother Africa.

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Thanks to Tony Elumelu foundation. Great Africa, Great Nigeria. My wish, community hope. By special grace of God Almighty, if I’m selected for the 2020 TEF entrepreneurship training program, my farming business ideas will be of great help to the restives youths in my immediate community by providing employment opportunity for them and to and increases their sources of income.


Hello Africa. My wish: community hope. If i emerge as one of the winners of the tefconnect 2020 entrepreneurship training program, i will get a big space where i can be doing all productions (as my business is from home and chemicals are used for my business production) and also display my products to reach out to more customers and also gain market entry, equip the space gotten with machineries for easier production in larger quantities, create employment in my society, i will train young entrepreneurs both male and females, graduates and non-graduates who have the passion for my field of business. So help me God

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