Need for a mentor

please members whenever I request for a mentor, many names appear, how can I CONNECT with them?


There is a bottom for u to select. but my own problem is whether anyone has been able to communicate with them. because ever since i selected one and i sent a text message, i have not receive any reply since then.


That’s the problem i equally have. may be those mentors are ghosts

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They are yet to get back to the few I asked

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Same with me.

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Had the same challenge, dnt know if the message I sent to my supposed mentor actually got to him because I am yet to receive any feedback from him

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I want to know about that mentors or I think all of us here are mentor. When ever you post something here someone might give you the answer. I hope that person should be the mentor. Email me

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The mentor link is not really active now. But I believe it will start functioning in the course of the training. Just keep checking. You can also ask any question on this platform I am sure you will get an answer from entrepreneurs who are in your industry

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Please anyone to is able to access a mentor should inform the community.
Most of my Activities that need that must have gotten a mentor are yet undone.
Is it the same with everyone?
Thank you

Currently access to mentors is not possible and as far as I know so far none of us has received a response from a mentor either …

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Thanks. Please lets keep us updated.


where should I click to see a list of the mentors’ names? :worried:

Hi Paul. You can’t have access to a mentor reason been that it’s a self paced free training and we won’t be having access to a mentor during the training. I learnt it’s your first time welcome on board.