New Update

For 2020 Applicant of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship program, notifications were given as to how to confirm and validate your accounts. And for those who do not know how to do that, please click on the link
The new 2021 dashboard looks like this. :point_down:

However, i am having a challenge updating my information. If anyone was able to validate their account/profile, please help me out.

Thank you guys and waiting for your responses.

Check where I circle on the image :point_up_2:

where you requested to reset your password also?
i tried logging in but was sent an email to reset my password ,how do i go about thi?

Yh, clicked on the that and was redirected to the page where i can update my information but after editing information, the “Update Bio” button doesn’t seems to work.

No, i just logged in with my Google account so i was not asked to reset my password

By the way, were you able to revalidate your Application Informations? @Cletus_Igbe1

ok @Bright_Katako ,got it.

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Please let me know if you were able to revalidate your account. @TINDIMWEBWA_SAAYUUNI

Not yet, but I will do that shortly.

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Please I use Am I supposed to sign up afresh on

@Cletus_Igbe1 @Bright_Katako :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:

Please use @wilminer_Dombin

But Bright, were did you actually get the information from as to the

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I just typed Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program 2021 and the fisrt link( which is took me to that page.
Come to think of it, the two corhots will be merged and trained together so it makes sense if we are redirected to their platform.
i just Validated my account on the 2021 platform. If there happens to be any validation process on this platform too, i will do that as well just to be safe :grin:

I advise you all do same.

You typed it where to see the link?

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You also have a strong point as to the merge and training together. But it would be perfect if only the admin could clarify these things for us to avoid confusion.

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The admin is so silent

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@Bright_Katako when you changed password on , were you able to login on using the new password you used with ?

I did not change my password, i simple logged on with my Google account.

You the option to log on with either your Facebook account or Google account

Mr. Bright, thanks for the guidance. I was able to validate my account although I had to reset my password because logging in through my Google account was proving difficult.

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