Next phases of the 2021 TEF programme are Training and Mentorship and Why mentoring matters: A conversation with Carlos Lejnieks (April 1, 2021 Interview)

A leader of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America talks about how successful mentors help others see qualities in themselves that they might not otherwise see. Please read and learn more from the mentoring interview on McKinsey article Click Here


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@Nuhu_Salihu I hope you do enjoyed the article :ok_hand: :grinning:


Please does anyone knows when the mentoring will kick start? Thanks😊


@Onyedikachi_Okechukw likely to be June, after the business training session


Hello, any help with when the business training will start ?
I got selected for it but yet to get the official timeline for the training.



@gofrance01 please kindly let us await the official communication from TEF :ok_hand:


Sir how about some people that said they have started their training, how true is that?


@GODFREY_EJAA that’s the free starter business course. Anyone on TEF connect platform would have access to that. Access to Customized training sessions for the selected candidate would be communicated probably early May of this year


the article is highly educating


Ok thank for your information but the free training that is going on now, I notice that I could not respond to those question, so the training is it only to read through the articles, please i need explanation how to go about it.


@GODFREY_EJAA it seems the free and general accessible entrepreneurship courses does not carry out assessments of candidates and course takers progress are not monitored.

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at the top corner of my training here, there is a tab for requesting a mentor, are you sure applicants are not expected to request for mentor. I think this is a trick to know those that are here for the seed capital or knowledge. what do you think

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@csavourassociates nothing of such of your observations or thoughts please. When candidates are selected, they have to go through the training, mentoring, business plan and pitching phases to be considered for seed capital. There is no trick to understanding candidates and their businesses rather than the processes. Let us wait for the official communication process from TEF in due course please :pray: :+1:

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The official email from TEF has finally arrived every successful applicants mailbox.

Français | Português | عربي

Dear Applicant,

Congratulations on successfully completing your application to the 2021 Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme and progressing to the training stage.

As you know, you have been placed in a specified category to receive contextualised, tailor-made training for your business. This training will take place on

Please see the outlined timelines for the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme activities in the coming months:

· Training & Coaching: May 3rd – July 29th
· Pitching Competition: Aug 23rd – Sep 24th
· Shortlisting & Selection: Sep 27th – Oct 8th
· Selection Announcement: Oct 11th

Congratulations once again. See you in a few weeks!

Good luck!

Caro candidate,

Parabéns por concluir com sucesso sua inscrição para o Programa de Empreendedorismo da Fundação Tony Elumelu 2021 e avançar para a etapa de treinamento.

Como você sabe, você foi colocado em uma categoria específica para receber treinamento contextualizado e feito sob medida para o seu negócio. Este treinamento acontecerá em

Por favor, consulte os cronogramas descritos para as atividades do Programa de Empreendedorismo TEF nos próximos meses:

· Treinamento e Coaching: 3 de Maio - 29 de Julho
· Competição de pitch: 23 de Agosto - 24 de Setembro
· Pré-seleção e seleção: 27 de Setembro - 8 de Outubro
· Edital de Seleção: 11 de Outubro

Parabéns mais uma vez. Nos vemos em algumas semanas!

Boa sorte!

Cher Candidat,

Félicitations pour avoir complété avec succès votre candidature au programme d’entrepreneuriat de la Fondation Tony Elumelu2021 et avoir progressé vers la phase de formation.

Comme vous le savez, vous avez été placé dans une catégorie déterminée pour recevoir une formation contextualisée et sur mesure pour votre entreprise. Cette formation se déroulera sur

Veuillez consulter les échéanciers indiqués pour les activités du programme d’entrepreneuriat TEF dans les mois à venir:

· Formation & coaching : 3 Mai – 29 Juil
· Concours de présentation (Pitching Competition) : 23 août – 24 Sept
· Présélection & Sélection : 27 Sept – 8 Oct
· Annonce de sélection : 11 Oct
Bravo encore une fois, on se voit dans quelques semaines!
Bonne chance!

عزيزي المتقدم ،

تهانينا على إكمال طلبك بنجاح في برنامج مؤسسة توني إلوميلو لريادة الأعمال لعام 2021 والتقدم إلى مرحلة التدريب.

كما تعلم ، فقد تم وضعك في فئة محددة لتلقي تدريب حسب السياق ومصمم خصيصًا لعملك.

سيتم إجراء هذا التدريب على

يرجى الاطلاع على الجداول الزمنية المحددة لأنشطة برنامج TEF لريادة الأعمال في الأشهر القادمة:

الجداول الزمنية ·

التدريب والتوجيه: 3 مايو - 29 يوليو ·

مسابقة الترويج: 23 أغسطس - 24 سبتمبر ·

القائمة المختصرة والاختيار: 27 سبتمبر - 8 أكتوبر ·

إعلان الاختيار: 11 أكتوبر مبروك مرة أخرى. نراكم في غضون بضعة أسابيع! حظا سعيدا!

Copyright © 2021 The Tony Elumelu Foundation All rights reserved @GODFREY_EJAA @csavourassociates

Thanks for sharing and congratulations :fire::fire:

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@Longji_Kumdet I appreciate you.

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@Oluwafemi_Olaiya congrats

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