Number of participants/competitors

Over the 54 countries, how many people do you think are undergoing this training? In other words how many are competing against you for the seed capital? Honestly, i have no idea but I’m sure it’s tens of thousands. when you look at it that way, you can determine if you have been serious enough or giving it the best of your bests. Just a little motivation. HI PEOPLE!


The participants are over 400,000

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@csavourassociates are you over exerjurating? Or even Joking??
400,000 is on the high side. The highest i have seen in the webinars is 6000

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@csavourassociates woa! Woa!! Woa!!!

@Longji_Kumdet During the first few webinars, i have seen up to 17k in attendance

@wilminer_Dombin @Longji_Kumdet. watch the video here from the foundation, forward it to the following time marker 3:35. she said the foundation received over 400,000 applications between last year and this year.

@Longji_Kumdet, concerning the low turnout in webinars, that is one of the limitations in the program accessibility. Most applicants are accessing the internet through cybercafes thereby limiting their participation rate. if you check the number of applicants that did the disruptor training in English, they were more than 40,000 but barely 9,000+ members are in the telegram coaching group.
secondly, if you have noticed the kind of questions some applicants do ask in social media handles, that will go a long way to tell you that many are not really into the program


That’s application and it possible. But those given the opportunity to qualified for training could be 70k-100k I guess.

@Oluwafemi_Olaiya Unbelievable

@Oluwafemi_Olaiya, I think 60-80% of the total applicants are still in the program, this is between 240,000 and 320,000 applicants.TEF decided to train before business plan submission to make sure everyone is equipped with the necessary knowledge, and secondly, I think more people will be supported this time. The major selection will be after the business summary submission stage.

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We pray more people will be supported…

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I heard over 200, 000 applicant, but i don’t really know if it’s a combination of 2020/2021 applicant though, but the participant increased very well this time around.

@Ifeanyi_Eze1this is on the high side o

Oh! Ok.

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Wow! I am perplexed but as much as i never imagined though not surprise the possible HIGH number of participants, it is a necessary eye opener. Helps one to be more serious than the serious way one has been taking this and to be vehemently reminded that it indeed is a fierce competition. Thanks guys @Oluwafemi_Olaiya @Longji_Kumdet @csavourassociates @Ifeanyi_Eze1

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