OHL Industrial Complex Project Invitation by OHL Nigeria Limited

I’m pleased to invite you to become a member of the OHL Industrial Complex Project.

Overview of the OHL Industrial Complex
The objective of the OHL Industrial Complex is to establish and operate a highly efficient industrial complex that would provide excellent support facilities and service for the purpose of creating an enabling environment for export manufacturing and other commercial activities.

The project is designed as a Public Private Partnership. The proposed Industrial Complex Operations would cover the different sectors of the economy which includes Oil & Gas, Maritime, Agriculture.

Over the last 18 months, We have been able to work with a lot of Nigerian and Chinese companies regarding the design and development of the different parts of the proposed industrial complex which we anticipate would be built on 100 hectares of land and would be situated in Delta State.

So far the project is very robust, attractive, sustainable, socially acceptable and worth the resources and attention. There would be positive contribution on job creation, provision of social amenities to the host communities, there would be contributions to the states Internal Generated Revenue, foreign exchange earnings, industrialization and economic growth. .

We are currently assembling a new board of directors and management team to help lead our new company into a successful future. Our new Board will consist of independent directors and other business professionals who can bring considerable local and international business and governance expertise to this project.

The OHL Industrial Complex Project would provide members with a stellar opportunity to continue to drive the industrialization and economic growth of Nigeria.

Thank you for taking the time to read this invitation. I’m available to to provide more in-depth details about the OHL Industrial Complex Project and discuss any questions you may have. You can reach me by phone at +234-8135775752 or via email at emmanueloguafor@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers


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Many thanks for the invitation. Any eligibility, or only for Nigerians?


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