PMI Certificate of Learning: Project Management in Entrepreneurship

Certificate of Learning for Idea to Reality Masterclass series: Project Management in Entrepreneurship

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Start-up businesses and small enterprises face unique challenges in delivering value to their customers and stakeholders. Proving and growing the business means constantly balancing strategy, available resources, and the ability to produce results. This series of workshops explored building value delivery capabilities for start-ups and small businesses within the context of the Project Economy.

Masterclass structure:

Session 1: Idea to Reality - Project Management for Successful SMEs: Masterclass on the “project economy” concept and the connection between project management and entrepreneurship.

Session 2: Putting Your Money Where Your Strategy Is: For start-ups, two of the greatest challenges to success are lack of strategic focus and inability to adapt to changing external conditions. Research has proven that organizations with strong alignment between strategy, investments and execution capabilities have a greater likelihood of success. Learn some approaches that support alignment of strategy and investments; agility and change; and realization of business value.

Session 3: A Primer in Risk and Uncertainty: Risk represents threats and opportunities that can affect your business objectives positively or negatively. Business leaders need to define how much investment uncertainty they are willing to take to guide the rest of the organization. Teams at the portfolio and programme/project levels align with that definition to limit negative impacts and leverage opportunities. This session explores uncertainty and risk as well as tools for navigating them.

Session 4: Delivery Capabilities: Lean Start-Up and Scaling: Competitive advantage comes from delivering differentiated value in response to market needs. Learn about the many ways in which project management can adapt to deliver the right value with a balance of rigor and speed. Understand how to develop, improve, and evolve project management capabilities as your business grows and evolves.

Session 5: Power Skills Strategy implementation is a social undertaking built on aligned goals, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. Explore a range of “power skills” that help organizational leaders and teams stay focused, engage, perform, and produce business value.

Session 6: Concepts in Practice A Learning Conversation. View a video touching on the topics in this series before the session, participants will engage with each other about practical things they can apply within their organizations. There will also be an opportunity for Q&A with subject matter experts supporting the sessions.


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