Project Economy

In today’s Webinar lecture, we were taught 3 factors that are essential to start your business which are :
a. Have a business idea
b. Plan execute it
c. Do it
For you to make the business a success, power the project economy through people bearing in mind that people and thier knowledge are an organizational most value asset.
Then , empower the teams network to pool their knowledge & skills together to turn your ideas into reality . The power skills required for achieving this objective are culture awareness, lifetime learning mindset ,technical proficiency, collaborative, ,financial savvy ,mentor & be mentorable etc.
This will eventually result to value delivery capabilities and enable growth & success of your business outfit when combined with PMI iin the application of digital skills.
We can apply this new learning to scale our business for profit expansion…
Thanks for learning


Awesome :green_heart:. Could you share the link to joining the webinar series


Thanks , I have just shared it

Thank you very much

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