It is obvious to know that there is no crucial factor and obstacle known to all that could prevent anyone from progressing in this program or securing this seed capital if it is not your own project. And so to go further, do not forget that the simple and bad description of your own project whatever it is better, the inconsistent presentation of your own project whatever it is better and the random pitch, vague without details on your own project can be your own crucial failure and final obstacle throughout this program. In another aspect if you have a project that has low community impact remember that as you continue this program you will know because in certain stages of the training you will feel limited and that is what will prevent you to climb higher to the top. There are few places there at the top and therefore arm yourself!
:warning:Success does not lie at the top of the mountain but it lies in the way of climbing it.
Be sure that your project must respond to several aspects as social as imaginary, as true, tangible as abstract.
I will not stop saying: be sure that it improves and changes millions of lives and that it offers work for people of all kinds (men, women, the disabled or young people). Do not forget to make gender parity or equality in your choice of employees also your priority and daily combat.
@luckopami. :congo_kinshasa:


Meet your story


wow @luckopami thank you very much for this insight. You have really opened my eyes i have some areas to improve. The aim is to provide real impact with the project you are doing to the people you are aiming at at a better way and even faster than your competitors while being consistent. Again thank you very much.


Please explain further on the project you are referring to


Pls explain forard too sir


@Deborah_Stephen-Alae I think he is trying to say that if you embark on a business in certain community try and sell things at there own choice of things,e.g selling of designer clothes or shoes in a typical village won’t be fruitful but if you we’re to sell them fertilizer or new crops to sow or show them a new and simple way to farm they will appreciate your services or product more than offering to sell them designer things.


Coming from a pastrolists community, women,teen parents, children,widows and the old depend on Livestock for a living which is the main source of wealth. Tuition fees, Healthcare money,employees payments all depend on the state of Livestock and the most pressing issue which caught my eye is the lack of knowledge by farmers on ways to add value to their farm output.
Over the years i have witnessed the devastating effects caused by Draughts and Famine. Close friends dropped out of school due to lack of tuition fees while others had to travel with the few surviving Cattle, Goats and Sheeps in search of greener pastures for the animals. A bad smell from corpses lying everywhere is not a smell or sight to behold, and it tears me down witnessing the situation and how badly it affects the purchasing power of many families in our community as majority are dragged into poverty as it is hard to recover from the mental blow of bankruptcy caused by climate change.
Purko fresh farm company aims to ensure that no child goes to bed on a empty stomach or drops out of school due to a lack of school fees. Under this initiative, we aim to prepare and preserve silage from maize and fodder which will be stored as a precaution measure for the worst climate conditions especially during Dry seasons.
On the other hand, majority of households in our community practice Livestock rearing with vast rangelands of uncultivated ground. Vegetables consumed in our community is not locally produced and with the health importance highlighted by Covid-19 and the society, we assume that food consumed might be filled with poison and hormones which is hazardous to everyone and therefore as a 21st Century company which aims to produce Organic food that is safe for consumption and at the same time cut wastes by the introduction of dried fruits and vegetables as there is no waste for a 21st century Farmer.
Importation of exotic Dairy and beef cattles which will interbreed with local community to increase the added value for farmers. The excess supply volumes of milk during the rainy seasons provides an opportunity to create diverse stream of revenue by making Cheese and Yoghurt (vanilla, strawberry and chocolate) offering job opportunities to teen parents and unemployed youths in our community while also mobilising on the Health benefits of Goats milk in making toddler food and to the people in general when consumed.
Community facilitators will be provided with motor bikes to access remote areas including the neighbouring country, Tanzania and Maasai Land in general while targeting a 10X growth scale over three months time which will be fueled by digitization of the company with funds allocated towards advertisements on social media platforms for example Facebook, Instagram and Twitter while on the other hand generate traffic revenue off SEO (search engine optimization) a step towards the future highlighted as a blue print to Economic growth.


Dear Luckopami, thanks for sharing this information. I understand my business very well and the solution that I am providing. But do I need to factor that my business will be providing jobs for unemployed youth in my unique value proposition? Or i should present that in an elevator pitch?

Please this is an open question for all. I will appreciate your response.


Before kicking off my business, I had it at the back of my mind that sustainability goals should be met. The two major ones I tried to look at were Poverty and Unemployment. Along the line, gender parity came to play. I am a shoe maker. For over a year now I’ve been making beautiful, affordable and durable unisex shoes. Despite their quality, I’ve tried to make them affordable even for a common man. There are presently two blokes working with me. I have intentions of employing more capable hands irrespective of their gender as time goes by. The interesting thing about my line of business is, a lot of people think its odd for a girl to be a shoe maker. A coursemate of mine told me sometime last year that I’m demeaning myself by doing what’s meant for the less fortunate when I have a degree in Chemistry. I smiled and told her she will not understand. My shop is by the roadside and I can’t count the number of times people stop by to ask me questions or make sure I’m really the one making the shoes.

I realised somehow, I’m no longer achieving just my initial goals but also inspiring people out there. It’s my greatest desire that I’m able to get more funds to expand my business, solve problems and free people from the shackles of unemployment


Have you all read and heard this story?
But it’s fabulous !!!
I still have more and more respect towards you madam!
A cobbler woman in this century does not exist. Not only did you inspire others, but I finally believe that you are an example to follow!
Your project is complete because it has substance and form:
-He gives and will give even more jobs
-He values ​​the feminine gender and shows that a woman has no limits
-It has potential and I believe that if you do a good job your products can cross borders
-he contributes to the community
Congratulations @Msoo_Aondoakaa


Thank you very much for your participation!
Regarding your question it must be presented in an elevator, in a pitch or in a drafting project because in the unique value proposition you make a kind of promise of the value that you will deliver to your users. It is the main reason why your customers buy your products.
Basically the unique value proposition can be summed up in this sentence: why the customer will buy your products and not those of your competitors?
On this we understand very clearly that the client does not need to know how many jobs have you created or what type of business strategy you use or what turnover do you achieve!

  • He wants to know why do you say your product is better than others?
  • Why would he choose your product or service and not those of others?

Thank you for participating!
Indeed we are not referring to any project favored by the Tony Elumelu Foundation during its final selection
We just want you to tell us about yourself, your business history, your solution to community problems, your jobs to create like the so dearly said our dear @Nana_Ahmed1
Now you can share with us what has brought you so far we will be delighted to hear from you.


The pleasure is shared dear @Neema_Mariki
All of us had things to improve.
Even for those who have small-scale projects, they can still introduce and develop large elements based on certain tips.
We all complement each other
thanks for interacting


I think I was lucid and clear in explaining certain things in my comments?


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Am very proud when I read such writings !!!
You described problems with depth and precision, you also brought solutions to them and you did not stop there you all the time took the trouble to mention “the job” that you will give to others and that’s it called a project of an African from Africa who solves African problems !!!
Thank you very much because we were happy to read your story it is a golden vision that you have and no doubt success awaits you on the horizon!


By explaining some things in my comments you found yourself anyway?


Please also take into account what I have also written here that could enlighten you even better.


@luckopami i appreciate your words of support and it’s my prayer that over the long term many entrepreneurs in Africa will be inspired by this program and increase their capacity to solving problems for a better future; economically and environmentally sustainability.


@luckopami thank you for this. My business is in the renewable/clean energy sector and it came about as a result of the high-rate of deforestation mainly for firewood harvesting and charcoal production. I believe that by the introduction and adoption of our clean energy efficient products deforestation will be minimal and hence minimizing climate change. Sustainability is very important to me and the three SDGs my business is aligned with are: Affordable and Clean Energy, Climate Action and Sustainable Cities and Communities. I also know that establishing this business will provide employment for many. I am doing my best to bring gender equality into play but as at now that we researching it’s 70% women and i am pretty sure that the adoption of our products will improve the lives of the many users because our traditional cooking methods(open fire) causes various diseases.


In my line of business, we help businesses create awareness in the marketplace through various means of advertisement in other to boost sells. We also help businesses to have an online presence by encouraging them to own a website to reach more potential customers which we can manage for them if we are the one responsible for their business branding already. This unique value is what distinguish us from other advertising agencies or designing firm. We don’t only create designs that captivates potential customers mind, we are also interested in the success of our clients business.