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Well mine is a desire for construction. It is an idea of Aluminium sales/ Glass construction of windows, doors, frames etc. These products are perfect fit in my locality/ country for development and modernization. The Aluminium glass windows and doors creates spaces for ventilations into houses giving us access to healthy air in our homes. The doors and windows of Aluminium are known to last for generations, moisture and insects will not be able to eat a way into the material so it stays for many years. I believe it is an excellent fit for the green movement as it is infinitely recyclable, the metal can be melted and used to form other products without any degradation of quality their by creating more job opportunities for the youth. This my product will reduce the over-deforestation of plants trees which help in reducing global warming, it is because, people will minimize their over-dependance on woods for construction of windows, doors, cup-board etc which is a further advantage on the stability of our ecosystem, having funds to put it in place will enable a lot of youth out of the street thanks.


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I Kindly share to you my Project proposal as an Example.



Meetings with District Beekeeping Officer and beekeepers in Kongwa and found out that there are 47 beekeeping groups whose collective production per year is more than 4.8 tons of honey and over 700 kilograms of wax but the bee products cannot cross borders to the world market and the few which try, cannot withstand market competition due to the following reasons:

  1. Poor quality of bee products
  2. Low production of bee products
  3. Inadequate marketing of bee products

East Africa honey is regarded the best in the world. In Africa, Tanzania is the second producer of honey after Ethiopia. Tanzania produces 8000 tons per year . Production potential of bee products in Tanzania is about 138,000 tons of honey and 9,200 tons of beeswax per annum (URT, 1998)

However, despite the great potential for honey production in Tanzania, Kenya is regarded as the biggest exporter in East Africa because Kenya adds value through processing and so her honey products can break easily into the world market.

Therefore, there is a need to improve the quality and value to the bee products through establishing a common collection center with a processing unit that will also enable extraction of other by-products (wax, royal jelly and propolis), to encourage and facilitate high production.


  1. There is environmental destruction and degradation due to excessive cutting of trees for firewood, making charcoal, building poles or encroaching and clearing hillsides for farming, which have led to soil erosion, gullies and siltation of lower lands and poverty in Kongwa district and Dodoma region in general. Environmental destruction and poverty are so interdependent such that the two have created a vicious cycle that needs drastic measures to break. The two exacerbate each other. When there is unabated environmental destruction and degradation going on in the community, it is hopeless whether there can ever be any sustainable economic progress. Similarly, when women and the youth are poor because what they grew in their farms dried up before maturity due to drought, the youth usually turn to making charcoal for income and the women use the charcoal and firewood because they cannot afford gas cookers or other environmentally friendly energies. Therefore, beekeeping will encourage conservation of the environment and particularly bees which are in danger of extinction.
  2. Unpredictable weather patterns characterized with low rainfall per annum and drought have often led to low crop yield, famine and death to livestock. Therefore, beekeeping will serve as a complementary agro-activity to crops farming.
  3. Poverty of rural families worsened with women dependency on men as sole breadwinners keep marginalizing women and this has created constant women dependency on men, which has emasculated women from decision making both in the family and in the community in general. Thus, beekeeping will alleviate poverty of most rural families and empower women.
  4. The need to break the vicious cycle between poverty and environmental destruction. Poverty and environmental destruction are so interdependent such that one causes the other and vice versa.
  5. Unwillingness to conserve the environment because the community does not see the immediate benefits of the bushes, and some trees surrounding them. The benefits of beekeeping will promote willingness to conserve the environment.
  6. The need to diversify the rural economy which is mainly characterized with the growth of maize. This type of monoculture has often disappointed small farmers due to unstable market prices of maize and perishability of some crops while honey lasts longer and no need for preservatives and the prices are often on the increase. As such, beekeeping will be an alternative and sure source of income open to the rural community.
  7. Youth unemployment is increasingly on the rise and this has led some of the youth to engage in theft, prostitution, sale of narcotic drugs such as marijuana, and total loss of hope. Beekeeping will therefore create new employment opportunities for the youth.
  8. The need to stimulate economic growth with the multiplier effects of beekeeping and the honey processing industry. The two will encourage emergence of other enterprises and industries such as industries for sewing beekeeping protective gear (e.g. bee suit, bee veil, gloves, boots, hats), factories for bee tools and equipment needed in beekeeping such as beehives, smokers, etc. The emergence of these industries and enterprises will lead to emergence of others and this trend will go on and on alongside with creation of new jobs until the entire community is interwoven in economic growth
  9. The need to encourage high crop yield through pollination of agricultural crops. This will improve yields and quality of both field and horticultural crops.
  10. The big demand for bee products in the world market. There is an increasingly growing market for bee products in the world market today and the production for such products is still low. This is an opportunity to beekeepers.


  1. It will be a common collection centre and a reliable market and this will encourage more people into beekeeping. The market (i.e. the industry) will attract bee products from even beyond Dodoma region.
  2. It will decrease youth unemployment and women dependency on men by creating new jobs both employed and self-employed. As such, social vices like theft, pushing drugs, alcoholism, prostitution and low self-esteem will disappear.
  3. It will diversify the rural economy and be a complementary agro-activity to supplement the monoculture farming.
  4. It will add value to bee products from Kongwa with quality and safety standards, refinement, and packaging, labelling, branding, and having barcodes to break into the world market .
  5. It will encourage emergence of other enterprises example, factories for beehives and related tools, industries for candles, dye for batiks, wax soap, lip pomade and lipsticks, cold creams, eyebrow pencils, shoes polish, beverages, pharmaceuticals, confectioneries (for jams, cakes, candy,etc due to availability of honey, wax and propolis as raw materials.
  6. It will formalize revenue collection to the District Council.
  7. It will encourage and promote willingness for conservation of the environment (biodiversity-bees are in danger of extinction) in the beekeeping areas due to the benefits of the vegetation seen, and so break the vicious cycle between poverty and environmental destruction.
  8. It will lead to high crop yields due to increased pollination.
  9. It will be a great living landmark in the relationship between Kongwa District and TEF because the project is going to revolutionize the economy of many rural poor families in Kongwa District.

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Thank you @luckopami for the enlightenment. My business sure would create job opportunity for the people within my community as I would employ youths whom has no certificate or whom their can’t fetch them big jobs, who would be charge of production with guidance. My products would be a solution to the problems of both the young, old and aged because its health benefits are top notch. For instance, producing finger foods with minimal quantity of sugar and using fresh vegetables like carrot as their major ingredient and not its artificial flavour.
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After a short absence we are very happy to see you again with us!
Just when any reader reads to you, he will automatically realize the structure and the logical sequence of your project.
You asked very clearly:
*A problem
*A solution

  • And especially the means to reach this solution
  • Benefits for the community
  • Jobs to be created
    It’s very well done.

Your project is attractive from the point of view of its shape!
But for me it is the “background” aspect. which interested me a lot in your writing and that’s what you said at the end!
Am very happy for you made good way :+1:t4:


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I have rarely seen such finesse in detail, you are the bearer of a project, but we all have the impression that you have become the project itself !!!
By reading you we feel the mastery of art, the mastery of concepts and especially the mastery in what you do I would love to see you again in the next two decades.
You love what you do and that is a step towards success @msughter_kyaashima !


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:Here is yet another one which comes to us with mastery and finesse in its presentation !!!
I am very attracted to the place where you speak:

  • The multiplier effects of the project on the community *

A. It will diversify the rural economy and be a complementary agro-activity to complement monoculture.
B. It will add value to Kongwa beekeeping products with quality and safety standards, refinement and packaging, labeling, branding and bar codes to penetrate the world market.

Everything is perfectly placed
It’s amazing what you do
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Your vision is sincerely commended
In your project, you were able to take into account even those who have no academic or academic title so that those there live as well as the others.
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Thank you for this Lukopami,I highly appreciate your contribution. This information is not only insightful but also inspirational. I have also learned a short and precise description of the value proposition;

This post will encourage us to double our effort and touch more lives by providing unique solutions to our society.


Precisely because that is the real struggle of all: Let us make Africa one of the best places in the world.
By bringing something concrete (Jobs and solutions to problems) for its improvement.

I always used to say that the best way to light up your own life is to light up those of others.
Let’s change the statistics and change millions of African lives because the future rests on us.
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