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This is my 4th week of training into this program.We were asked to contact our mentors for each activity before submitting them.This means for every effective activity taken,a mentor is there to determine it.
It has become a cause of worry foi me for not have been privilege to enjoy such an umbrella.I write this morning with anxiety for an access to a mentor.
Please if anyone heard this humble cry of mine,come to my aid.
Thanks and God bless all of us as we continue this race of success.


Good morning dear colleague, I understand your cry and would like to help you. Just try to join a group or pose your problem in such a way that other entrepreneurs can guide you or explain a situation you do not understand. That way we could mentor each other. I think that there are experienced people among us who can help you to see things more clearly until the mentor takes over.

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Thanks for your concern sir.

What is meant is your get someone with experience in business or entrepreship to go through your answered and guide you.

TEF has made it clear that they are not allocating Mentors this year. So go get you one