Seed capital: Don't be in a hurry

It’s a good thing you are yearning to getting the seed capital, it means you are determined to put all you have Learnt to practice- which is good. I am going to suggest though that you devote this time to going over what you have learnt once again, and ask yourself this very important question, what can/may go wrong. Identify 10 things that can go wrong in ur business and proffer solution to them.
This is an opportunity of a life time, you don’t want to rush into it, so you don’t rush out. When you get it right, Tef will be willing to give you the 2nd $5000. UBA will be willing to partner with you, knowing that you are doing well, other banks will be willing to give you their money with trust and credibility. It will be a new phase in life for you. Once again, I suggest you spend this waiting time wisely. Identify what can go wrong and proffer solutions to them.
All the best you all.


Great advise, thanks alot.


Wonderfully summed up for the anxious lot. Well said - revisit, re-strategize and re-organize. Regards Team TEF 2019


thanks a lot


Nice advise …and patience is one of the key virtues of an entrepreneur. Let us all learn that

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Thanks you for your strongly advise @samson

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This is so true.

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U welcome sis.


How do we partner on this project ?I am ready to start soon as possible 2020.

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Thank you so much for the advice, all the lessons we have been given by TEF will be used to reinvent, grow and further improve our work.

This is indeed great advise. I will not seat, waiting anxiously. I will go instead to revisit the many things that I can revisit from the 12 weeks of learning.

Thank you, @Samson_Umogu.

Well Said. Nice One

This is apt!

Thank you so much sir

Great advice

Thanks for the information. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. I will take care of every bottleneck that will hinder the smooth operation of my project by going through the 12-week training with a view to identifing the 10 things that could go wrong and nipping it the bud

Congratulations to all of does that win

Je pense que le meilleur à faire c’est belle et bien ça, la révision est très importante, ça nous aide à revoir tout ce qui ne marche pas avec notre projet


that’s very true I certainly agree. Thank you