Seed Capital Selection

Hello participants, has anyone received feedback from TEFAdmin regards disbursement of USD5000 seed capital?


Is $10,000 not $5,000

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I don’t think they have started disbursement of the fund. If they have someone should have poated it on the thread!
Just be vigilant.

Hi Nura,
What do u mean by $10,000 not $5,000.
I know that it is split into two $5,000 Seed Capital and a second $5,000 Debt or Equity after successfully proven good use of the first $5,000.
May be you want to come again with further and better particulars for more clarity. Thank you.


Am patiently waiting. I believe very soon we will all receive it.

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Have your business plan and financials been approved already? Otherwise, some of us have no hope yet before getting this information.

@Thomas for 2018 entrepreneurs received graint of $5000 but for 2019 selected will receive $10, 000 :blush:


Be patient,

They are evaluating all the entrepreneurs. Any time soon they will reveal results.


@Thomas and @Nura the current ongoing training is not funded by TEF But UNDP. They’re only using TEF platform to provide training to the participants.

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Nura where did you get this information?

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TEF has never indicated they would give out USD10,000, they have consistently said it’s USD5,000, please do not issue misleading information.


Let’s just be patient. It will happen suddenly. We’ll all be credited. It’s 5000USD that’s on the MOU ooo.


@Nura can you clarify on that info, who told you its $10,000 and not $5000??? be clear

Let us just appreciate what TEF is doing and give them tine so that they handle according to their plan, whether it $10,000 or $5000, its still okay, you only need to thank God if you part of the selected people.

Lets all be patient

Hello please this is October 7th. Have they announced the beneficiaries? Please help me with the info. Thanks.

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Thanks for the update.

I will suggest everyone should start doing something and not wait for the seed fund. It will surely come but no one should wait for it.

I can’t load my banking details on the system, anybody else with the same problem?