Self made(a must see)

I was wowed by the movie ‘self made’ inspired by the life of madam CJ walker :dancer::dancer:

I saw a number of positive reviews,so i decided to see for myself😘.

This movie spoke to me in ways i cannot into words,so i am going to share some lessons i learnt.:hugs::hugs:

Madam CJ Walker was a wash woman,she had a need,she found a solution and then decided to help others who needed the same solution (she identified a problem and a solution)

She was rejected as a distributor of a hair product,this rejection brought out the best in her.

Being the innovator of a product doesn’t neccessarily mean you will be the best at delivering it .

A saturated market can still be conquered,everyone has their style,be the best at yours.

Study your competition,focus on making their weakness part of your strengths🤗.

Know your onions,let your products be as good as you preach or even better.

Identify your customers,who are your customers?who needs your product?please note that everyone cannot be your customer,so you need to know exactly who your target market is💁‍♀️.

Identify your unique selling point(USP)madam CJ walker used her story as a strategy,story telling is actually a proven method that works😊

Be consistent, keep your eyes on the price despite the ups and downs you may experience.

Create a team of like minds who compliment you.

Network, she new her dreams may not succeed in her environment, so she moved to find people who can relate and help her with her dreams.

Dream big,the bigger the better,her dreams took her from being a wash woman to building a one woman business with the strength of 10,000 staff.

Represent your brand,she always wore her hair in an eye catchy way to represent her company brand.

Aside very few innovative ideas,we are all coming up with businesses already existing,the question is,what makes yours different?

Have you seen the movie SELF MADE?what are your thoughts?


@Deborah_Stephen-Alae I enjoyed this movie and learnt a lot from it.


@Benita_Dunia it is a movie every entrepreneur should see,so much lessons to be learnt.


One thing i learnt from this movie is the Power of Imagination.

If you can imagine it, you can make it happen. You just have to work towards it.

If you haven’t watch this movie, Please do.

May i suggest you watch Silicon valley too. its also very interesting and educative. It teaches more about Perseverance, Hard Work, How to bit Competition, How to stay ahead of your competitors and a lot more


Nice. Will watch it too.


This is encouraging,thank you for sharing, I will watch it.Together lets learn and grow :muscle: :innocent: :innocent:


Thanks I must watch it too


@Peninah_Ouma its a must watch for entrepreneurs.Available on neflix


Nice one! I haven’t seen the movie. So I will go for it and come back with my lessons. Thanks for sharing.


@TOYIN_EMMANUEL Am positive you will love it


Thanks , I will watch it as well

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@Oluwaseun_Nji-Kolawo Great,plrase let us know what you think when you do


great inspiration :innocent :sleeping: :smiley:innocent dear thanks


I have not seen the movie, will try to. But while it is true that a saturated market can still be conquered, it more often than not requires an expertise most startups do not have.

My general recommendation is to gear towards a business with less competition first.

The energy needed to conquer a saturated market is not available to majority of us.

Conquering a saturated market is usually the exception, not the rule.


@Akpomejeme_Ileleji i beg to differ sir,i believe everyone has a story,method and target market for their products.

A market being saturated doesn’t stop it from being conquered.
I am tempted to give examples,but i dont want to mention brands.
Please see the movie and share your thoughts,:blush:,i will personally like to know what you think.

Thank you


Great movie…Great lesson


While I have no doubt the movie is fantastic, I know for a fact it is the exception, not the rule. I will recommend you read Great by Choice by Jim Collins, it is a book written from research of over a ten thousand companies.

He specifically talks about Progressive Insurance in USA and how one of their major strategy was to avoid a saturated market.

Do some businesses that attack saturated markets succeed, yes they do, but by and large they are the exceptions, not the rule.

I advice particularly as a small entrepreneur that you avoid saturated markets.

However, I am cognizant of the fact that in some market that are generally saturated, there are some nich that have not been satisfied. It is okay to attack those niche.

But if you see a market saturated, without a special niche left unsatisfied, avoid it as much as possible, there are other opportunities abound.


Movie time o…im going to watch​:sunglasses::hugs:


Wow i love it very inspiring. Thank you @Deborah_Stephen-Alae


@Deborah_Stephen-Alae thanks for sharing, I haven’t seen the movie, but will do well to see it soon