Shortlisting and Luck

It is sad how things eventually panned out for a whole lot of applicants who had believed the said criteria.
It so happened surprisinly that, much of us in my WhatsApp group who had followed TEF’s laid down instructions were not shortlisted, we constantly reminded and encouraged ourselves on this things.

*Posting on the Community

*Good scores in your Training test.

*Attending information sessions.

*Early Submission of required documents

*Have a good Business and follow Business Summary guideline sacrosantly and submit early.

This we were made to understand were vital in getting to next phase; I would not have felt bad if reports have not trickled in of persons who neither submitted early, posted on community or even attend an info session and were selected as some had testified of their peculiar cases.

This can only mean, the selection ended up been random approach. This is sad because, hard work is therefore not recognized; some of us from 2020 had spent much on online webinars from 2020 even from post lockdowns we spent resources. 2021 came with the information sessions that lasted often more than one hour live sessions some cases over two hours due to interpretations in French and Portuguese.

If the core of the selection fell back to randomizing; me as a person don’t believe in Random approach which is tantamount to pure probabilities; the very reason I do not believe in Sports betting and all such thing that doesn’t hold hard work and resilience as a means to sure success.

I feel pained because I believed, the hard work would pay off, and the resources spent would not be a waste. It would have made sense to apply again if the selection is programmed to effectively track and reward measurable hard-work added to good scalable businesses.

The pain becomes brutal; for those of us that had been sent mails days before seeking confirmation of contact details; lifting our spirits, only for it to be a hoax.

Sincerely if this were in Western Clime some persons would require some form of therapy to deal with this sort of disappointment.


Take heart. Many of us are disappointed, but that shouldn’t stop us from going ahead with our businesses. #WeMove

Yes… We Moveeeee

It is hard to be rejected and smiled at. But I am sure we learned from our mistakes or rejections. We all were here to win but some will be rejected and some will be happy. Let keep the focus and drive our minds to success. Good luck next time leader