STOP 🚷 STEPS to TAKE to WIN This Start-up capital $ 5,000

When will the final beneficiaries be announced?

On the application; you will immediately receive a notification of the results of your submission. Only shortlisted candidates will proceed to the next step which is to receive business training and mentorship.
The final beneficiaries, who will have emerged at the top of the pitch competition, will be announced at the TEF forum (the largest conference on entrepreneurship in Africa) this year. This final list will receive the $ 5000 seed capital.

What advantages will the selected beneficiaries enjoy?

All pre-selected entrepreneurs will receive training, mentorship and access to a vast network available on TEFConnect.
However, only beneficiaries announced as TEF alumni will receive funding.

Will the training always be in 12 weeks?

Yes, training will always take place within 12 weeks. However, it will be tailored to the business knowledge of each candidate and their state of need.

Will there be seed capital disbursements?

Yes. However, the training and the pitch competition will be done before the final selection of the candidates who will be eligible to receive the $ 5000 seed funding.

Will everyone who will be selected in the program receive seed capital?

No, only entrepreneurs who have completed the entire training program with the required score levels and have successfully passed the pitch competition will receive funding.

Are all the entrepreneurs who will pass the pitch?

Yes, to be eligible to receive the $ 5000 seed capital, applicants who have successfully completed their training with a required score level will be invited to pitch for a chance to receive funding.

How will the final beneficiaries be selected?

The final beneficiaries will be selected on the basis of the results of the pitch competition.

When will the final list of beneficiaries be announced?

The final list of entrepreneurs who will receive funding will be announced at the TEF Annual Entrepreneurship Forum.

And so please finish your 12 week tasks with all concentration and prepare your pitch seriously because this is where the 60% success will be gained.

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Thank you very much for the information. However… I have noted that it was difficult for me to complete essential tasks during the 12 week training because of absence of mentors, for instance. It was also difficult to access practice questions and answers. Most importantly there was no opportunity to get contacted by TEF after successfully applying the programme. I guess 2020 has been one of those years. Hopefully those experiences shall be considered when it comes to scoring. Otherwise I can’t wait to participate in the pitch competition!!


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Thanks for the enlightement. But which one is the 2nd $5000 seed capital?


Selection process:

  1. Following the applications, the entrepreneurs will undergo commercial training.
  2. The shortlisted candidates will prepare and present an updated business plan.
  3. The most successful entrepreneurs will be selected to go through a presentation phase in the 54 African countries, in English, French, Portuguese or Arabic.
  4. The best artists will be selected to receive the seed capital of $ 5,000.
  5. Finalists will receive seed capital of $ 5,000 will be announced at the TEF Forum.

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Thanks very much for this. I have noticed all along details on the required conditions to pass to the next step are not provided. Do you perhaps know exactly what are the list of those required ?

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