Stop Waiting For The Perfect Time. Just Start

As an entrepreneur, it is normal to want everything to be perfect. We want to have enough money to launch, a solid team, quality facilities and so on. But the truth is 85% of the time, we usually have to startup with little to nothing at all. A lot of entrepreneurs don’t start their business because they are waiting for the right moment. Truth is the right moment will never come. You have got to create that right moment. Ask any successful entrepreneur and he/she will tell you that the journey requires grit and doggedness. Unfortunately many would be entrepreneurs lack these two qualities.
If you must succeed as an entrepreneur, then start. Go out there, pound the pavement, run with your dream. Gradually it will get better.
Successful Entrepreneurs don’t wait to see the whole road, they are just crazy enough to take the first step.
To your success


I think waiting the ideal moment is depends. Because we need necessary at time to wait for the ideal team with which you will work, finance etc. Because at times being not patient leads to the collapse of the business.


Nice write up,our idea is our first step,that thought that keeps popping up and aligning with the moment,so what’s keeping you?

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Great write up! For me, the take home is “successful entrepreneurs don’t wait to see the whole road, they are just crazy enough to take the first step”


as an enterprenuer you just need to start somewhere in order to mover some where, a thousand mile begins with a single step so just take that first step to build your business

Really true! This is the challenge most entrepreneurs like myself face. I recently learnt that waiting on the right moment is depriving yourself of opportunities that you may probably have gotten if you had taken a step. Yet, it is easily said than done.

You are very right, there has never been the right time. entrepreneurs are innovators, in an innovation field, no idea comes crystal clear, any idea starts when its vague or unclear at its initial stage but along the way its goes on clearing as you keep figuring out how to make it better.

A stitch in time saves nine. Start now

Time waits for no one,we need to do something

I agree with you. There is no ideal time to kick off. We must some time take risks