Striking Fasts about TEF Programs

Aside the the seed capital that I received from TEF, I have discovered that there has been in me after the 12 weeks toolkit, revive of entrepreneurial knowledge that is amazing to even myself.
MY ADVICE TO FELLOW ALUMNI AND ASPIRING ALUMNI: The seed capital may not be enough for you to pull your business idea through but the knowledge you gained or you will gain from the training is/will be enough to take your business to the height you want. Make good use of this knowledge.
Wishing you all the best and always ready to give out constructive advice to you in any line of business.
TO ASPIRING ALUMNI do not keep quite when you have issues applying for 2020 TEF, just about 21 days to go, REMEMBER that PROCRASTINATION is a thief of time


Waouh i am anxious to get that knowledge in other to improve my business skills

Thank you so much

Thanks, you’re welcome. Please give us more about the pitching

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Thank you

Nice one.
This is one of my ever loving dream. TEF.

So true. it’s easy to keep procrastinating applying on TEF program. Time is passing.

Personally, i so look forward to the 12-week training. The knowledge and exposure, that i certainly need. Thank you TEF Program!

I agree with you Edwin. Thank you for the motivating others

thank you for the motivation and thank you very much for the tef program and its initiators , this said me I am one of the winners 2019 I have provided all the documents but so far nothing,I still remain waiting see next week thanks

like seriously Daouda you have not been paid? something must be wrong some where. I hope you are the telegram group for 2019 cohort? If yes lets chart over there.

Dear Edwin,
Good to have your say on the TEF Programs and Seed Capital. I would like to complement a little about the same: Yes, I personally gained a lot in participating in the TEEP, which empowered me with both technical knowledge of understanding and writing a good business plan as well as the financial plan. My expertise for years now, has been based on community based write up though linking it with some entrepreneurship development.

The knowledge gained while learning during the 12 week long is really enough to take our businesses far from here/ from receiving the Award of US$5,000. Additionally, the network to enable entrepreneurs connect to or attract internal and external investors is a good opportunity that cannot be left hanging. This will be reached upon as long as our business are active and running. This is important, and evaluating what impact will/has made towards society in both social and economic development.

Bonjour cher Edwin,
La formation c’est passé en ligne ?
Si oui, comment ?