Tailors square business summary

(tochi anya) #1

What is the problem I’m solving?
Tailors in aba are faced with challenges that hinder their productivity and profits daily. Challenges such as lack of power supply, high overhead cost, lack of resources to secure workspaces and equipments.

How does my solution create and capture value?
Tailors square aims at increasing the daily productivity and profits of these tailors by providing a production hub where tailors can rent sewing machines, sewing spaces and get topnotch finishing with 12hours of power supply.

Who are my customers?
Our customers are new tailors in aba who just finished apprenticeship and fashion schools but lack resources to setup their businesses, existing tailors who incur high overhead cost due to lack of power supply and tailors who don’t have workspaces and machines.

How much are my customers willing to pau?
Tailors who have alternative power source spend an average of 1350 to run their businesses daily excluding licenses and rent. With our prices at 800, 1000 and 100 naira for rental of sewing spaces, sewing machines and finishing services respectively. Our customers who are willing to pay for low cost options will be able to pay for our services.

How will I reach my customers?
We will reach our Customers thru radio ads, keke ads, flyers and social media marketing. Since we know the location of majority of our customers, we will focus more on direct marketing.