Technical issues with the PMI systems resolved PMI-TEF Masterclass

There have been some technical issues with the PMI systems, and we’re delighted to let you know they are now all working as expected.

This isn’t our usual certification distribution process, so we’ve broken this down into these key steps. Please follow to download your certificate:

  1. Register for free on This is required for us to provide you with a certificate containing your full correct name. If you are already registered, simply login.
  2. Click here for the course page, then click ‘Add to Cart’. You will then be directed to ‘Your Cart’, where you will see the course listed. No Promo Code is required
  3. Click on ‘Continue to Checkout’
  4. If you receive a ‘Payment Error’, it is likely a field is missing on your address information. Complete the following:
    Click ‘Edit’ and ‘Add Address’
    Click ‘Edit’ on the Address – that would be default (billing)
    Update all required field that have the asterisk * next to them
    Click ‘Save Changes’
  5. Click ‘Use this Address’
  6. Click ‘Place order’. You will then see an order confirmation on your screen, whilst an email confirmation is sent to your inbox
  7. Check your inbox for the order confirmation email and click on ‘Click here to access your new learning product(s)’ to navigate to your certificate
  8. Click on ‘PMI Certificate of Learning: Project Management in Entrepreneurship’ under the ‘Curriculums’ heading
  9. Open the document ‘PMI-TEF Masterclass Series – Course Notes – Project Management in Entrepreneurship’. You can view and save the course notes from the masterclass.
  10. Close this window by clicking on the ‘x’ in the upper right corner
  11. Click ‘Mark Complete’
  12. Click ‘Mark Complete’ again on the pop-up window
  13. Return to the home page by using the back button in your browser or by clicking ‘Training Home’ (on the top left)
  14. In the Curriculums section, click ‘PMI Certificate of Learning: Project Management in Entrepreneurship’ and then click ‘View Certificate’.
  15. Take a screenshot of your certification and save this to your records
    Your certificate will be available to download until 31 December 2020.

Congratulations again on your achievement. PMI looks forward to supporting you on the next stage of your journey as you make ideas a reality.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Thanks for your patience


True, i could not access the certificate the first time but i finally got it after i followed the new instruction. Thanks to TEF/PMI


thank you tefconnect i got my certificate。so proud of IT


When i get to step, the web browser just keeps loading


The website is highly secured and loaded, just be patient, with good network signal, you will get your certificate.


Thanks @Nuhu_Salihu