TEEP 2019 TOE Way-Week 9-12

The understanding of these fundamental principles,tactices and strategies with careful implementation of the business plan couple with determination will always give the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs an edge over competition


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Lessons from week 9:
Learnt important aspects of equity dilution, valuation, pre-money valuation and post-money valuation. Also very important to understand everything about a deal.

Lessons from week 10:
Collaboration is a key part of a good network.

Lessons from week 11:
Business Plan, important guide on how to run the company and how to hundle various important aspects such as;
● Business Description
● Market Analysis
● Competitor Assessment
● Marketing Plan
● Operating Plan
● Financial Plan

Lessons from Week 12:
Basically summing up your business plan by answering important questions such as;
What problem are you soling?
What value are you adding?
Why is your solution better than others?
Who is your customer?
How much is your product or service?
How will you reach your customers?
How will you scale up your production?
Who will you need to create this business?
Why will that individual help you scale up your business?

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We have been teach a lot of lessons

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