Tef 2019 - certificates of participation

(Noemio Buce) #1

What if TEF gave to the participants certificates of participation. It would be great to hang it on my office wall and witness that I am the TEF product! It would be great to have TEF endorsements on whatever mines we dig.

Is not about “paper” but a trust for start because most of the times we cannot witness on behalf of ourselves!

(nura Muhammad) #2

It will be great to us

(Cynthia Likando) #3

Just the thought of it already puts a smile on my face. Being a part of this journey has been the highlight of my life, I carry the title of “TEF Entrepreneur 2019” with so much pride. Its an achievement I have added to my CV and all my social media accounts. To be aware a certificate will just be amazing :blush:

(Tendai Losi) #4

It will absolutely be great

(Joseph Silavwe) #5

Great idea, hope TEF Admin takes it up seriously.

(Daisy Obialor) #6

They will sure give certificate

(Oghenekome Oveh) #7

The feeling would be so cool. Im already feeling excited about it.

(Matthew Ekenna) #8

Absolutely great

(Shedrack Okala) #9

Indeed a great one

(nura Muhammad) #10

hope we are among the selected

(Onoriode Evaiwe) #11

More than needed

(Noemio Buce) #12

I hope so!

(Tamunotonye Daniel) #13

I think they’d mentioned that a certificate of participation would be awarded.

(Ijeoma Nwajuaku) #14

That will be great indeed.

(Knowledge John) #15

That’s the promise. It’s gonna be great indeed!


…but Uwem did mention that before he resigned. he mentioned something to do with certificates.
it would really be great.


I think it would be a great thing if TEF Should give us a Certificate of Participation.

(Kevin Abunimye) #18

That will be awesome. TEF please take note.

(Kossi Boris Canis GANGBE) #19

It will be very good to get this certificate. It’s a big proof that we master what we are going to start and it’s not only money the purpose of this entrepreneurship program. Thanks in advance to all the Team of Tony Elumelu Foundation. God bless you.

(Sadro Ngorokoro) #20

I remember i heard that after the approval of the Business Plan and Financial Plans, we will get Certificates showing that we underwent a 3 months training and the program at large, those are the certificates that are there.