TEF 2020 WhatsApp group for brainstorming and practicing in anticipation for training!

Follow this link to join the WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/CI3zU3cYSE8IkFaZVBQpcu


:+1: nice idea


Keep us posted :blush:


A good elevator. Keep it up

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Good keep us posted

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@ZIGWAI_FRANCIS, Has the group been created and how will i join if am not using my laptop to whatssap?

The first group is full kindly create another group

I would like just to make a suggestion because a whatsapp group cannot take more than 256 members. So the new ones cannot be added to the group. It would be more interessant to create a group under telegram which takes much more. thanks for understanding


Good idea

Great initiative

Another group pls the other one is full up

What is telegram @Yarguima_Michel_OUAT

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Yes, Another group is of essence @ZIGWAI_FRANCIS

Please has the telegram group been created? if yes, kindly share the link because the whatsApp group is already filled up. Thank you

Telegram is another social platform just like WhatsApp. The difference between them is that, telegram can accommodate more than 1k persons while whatsApp can only accommodate just 200+. Kindly visit the play-store in your android smart phone to download but you can also make google your friend by reading more about it. Cheers and you are welcome in advance

The group is full, I am unable to join.

Any other related group? I would like to join the group.

Unable to join, seems the group is fully, WhatsApp has limited number of people that can a join. Why not on Telegram. Its more preferable sir

@Portia_mutunzi Telegram is platform like whatsapp. The diffrence :smile:
a group under telegram can contain 200,000 people while under whatsapp it’s only 256 people

Pls create

OK, I have joined the Telegram, its very engaging , l like it. Thank you