Tef/pitch mails and luck

TEF mail came along with criteria for selection. But to my greatest surprise those who didn’t meet the criteria like performance score and activity on the platform got selected. I guess that is luck.

Congratulations to those selected


I knew from the onset that the criteria were mere formalities. This is my third attempt, so trust me when I tell you that getting TEF seed capital is luck and nothing else. Tony Elumelu himself confirmed it. It’s simply random selection. Considering the number of applicants, I don’t expect them to review the business plans (summary documents). BTW, congrats to those shortlisted for pitching.


Hmnh! Really disappointed

@Longji_Kumdet @PATRICK_OKUNIMA @wilminer_Dombin. When I got the mail with not shortlisted, It didn’t move me because I did the best I could. all of us has been very active on the platform quiz scores was not very bad and we all had an existing business. The moment I heard partner requirements as part of selection criteria, that was when I knew this will be a diplomatic selection because what it means is that each sponsor in the program will tell TEF the region they want their support to go to, the cut off mark they need and some may raise theirs while others may reduce their cut off. The training is a big plus for all of us and let us understand that when God has not approved it will not happen. Our unique talent from God is what matters, build on your talent on this way you won’t have competitors. I hope to still be in connection with you guys, if any of you can form a networking group For us I believe we will do great by brainstorming on ideas. The future is about impact. Thank you everyone, I love you Guys​:gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart:

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