Tefconnect.net login issues

Has anyone been able to login on tefconnect.net?

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I have been trying to login too

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Am also experiencing same issue.
Any way out?

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J’ai de problème pour suivre la formation?

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I have been trying to login to no avail

I can’t login

It is a general problem. You can only login here but not on TEFConnect. It must be traffic issue. So sad. Not today of all day.

If you continue signing in like me, you might end up locking your account. I have been advised to contact support team because I kept trying and trying thinking it was my password.

I can’t log in, have anyone logged an

Je pensais être la seule , mais je n’ai pas pu. Je pense que nous devrions leur écrire via l’email mentionné dans nos différents messages pour le leur signaler.
Même jusqu’à présent j’y arrive pas .

I haven’t been able to login as well since this morning

It could be ageneral problem. I too can’t connect

Up till now I can’t login to my account admin please thank your time and find solution to it.
Thanks for your time

Same here. Even till now. Anyone with information should please let others know.

I was able to login yesterday Monday morning, but it is not connecting this morning tueday

I haven’t been able to log on too. It keeps saying “Something went wrong, contact support”. I wouldn’t know what the issue might be.