TEFEP week 9-12

(Kevin Abunimye) #1

Week 9
Precision and Rigour
This refers to the quality of being exact. The goals you set be with precision and pursued rigorously.
Goals should be SMART : specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. You must determine to be fully execution minded as this is the key to success.
Also, building a performance culture is key to success and competitive advantage as it cannot be quickly reproduced. A dream will remain a dream unless it’s accompanied by action.
Week 10 - Follow Through and Professionalism.
Here, an action plan is required to follow up progress made on plans to be executed. Building a network that allows for closeness with contacts is important in business. This allows you to maintain the momentum needed to drive home the outcome. Social media plays an important role here.
Week 11- Foresight
Your ability to see beyond today is critical for success so ask yourself always, what do i see? Think long-term; what are the things i can do now that will allow for a bigger, better tomorrow? Plan for things before they happen. What do you see? This can be achieved through current knowledge, past experiences or intuition.
Week 12- Resilience
The ability to recover quickly from difficulties and cope with change. The goal of resilience is to thrive. To succeed in business, you must be resilient, tough, and never feel too big to apologize and retrace your steps if you have made a mistake.
Entrepreneurship is a long term journey. Dare to dream, implement your dream and stay focused. Tony. O. Elumelu CON.