The Agility that is Required to Turn an Idea into a Reality:


Here is my story

Several years ago after serving as a coach and mentor for several start-ups my friends and I decided there was an opportunity to create an accelerator focused on scale-up firms.

We noticed that at the pre-seed and seed levels there was a lot of available funds and programs but then what?
Our vision was to build a world class accelerator with a supporting VC to scale and launch the next generation of African tech firms.
We had the right skills, some funds and desire for real impact. We developed a robust framework, leveraged our network and built a strong business plan.
What we learned real quick was the need to pivot, then pivot again.

The Agility that is required to turn an idea into a reality requires:

  1. Focus on your operational strategy

  2. Business agility –to pivot on the process and reduce time to market

  3. Explore new customers and markets –through partners

Lastly look for new revenue streams to key the dream alive !

The above was adapted from the PMI-TEF Masterclass Series - Course Notes - Project Management in Entrepreneurship.


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