The AnnaCare’s Story:

(Frank Macha) #1

The AnnaCare project initiative was a result of an incidence where a child was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP), and there was no proper diagnosis or information available among the immediate local medical officers, parents and the community regarding CP cases. This situation gave the room for individuals to have their own interpretation according to their cultural beliefs on the mischief rather than professional interpretation on the nature of the case. As a result, there was no immediate professional care or treatment given to the child which could possibly resolve or minimize the impact on time.

This is just an example of many child-related disabilities cases, that happened because of improper diagnosis, or absence of information that cause delays to provide sufficient and effective support before, during and after pregnancy.

Even after diagnosis, most of families that care for children with disabilities cannot afford higher cost for medical and health services, special education, rehabilitation services, assistive equipment and other resources for their children because of their poor life standard caused by unemployment after the caregiver quit their job to dedicate time on disabled child care or by the nature of their community economic standard.

The time is now for all to take responsibility to improve education performance, health and well being of these children with disability, uplift life standard of their families and ensure sustainable community development.

(Tobilola Ajibola) #2

This is important work that you are doing. Well done

(Gladmore Moses) #3

good job Frank

(Frank Macha) #4

Thanks @Gladmore_Moses, I appreciate.

(Frank Macha) #5

Thanks @Tobilola_Ajibola

(Kevin Abunimye) #6

Great work. Well done.

(Frank Macha) #7

Thanks @Kevin_Abunimye


This is absolutely fantastic and heart-touching. You have a serious social challenge to solve mate! Kudos.