The Temptation with my Seed Capital

Shortly after receiving my seed capital last year, came the temptation of diversion. But thanks to God that my best friend and partner from Rwanda kept pushing me hard and now, in less than three months, my business is rising tall.
Friends, this is likely going to happen to many of you, but please don’t be distracted, stick to your business objectives and goals.


Good day sir, we have received email as successful entrepreneurs of TEF-UNDP, so what is the next step for us to received our seed capital?

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Edwin I really support what you have said. The seed capital is there to support your business plan. The temptation of using the money to support other business initiatives is always there. You must have discipline and integrity in order to run away from this dangerous trap.

Thank God for over coming the temptation.

Thank you very much for your advice.

HI Jafar trust you are doing well. TEF will tell u the next step so just wait for them ok. But make sure that your business is registered with CAC, get your TIN to open a corporate bank account with UBA. If they have not made due diligent calls yet, they will do that.

Good advice right there Edwin. Any succesful business person will tell you that Planning, creating timeplan, monitoring, review of business plans and sticking to the plan are essential ingredients for succesful businesses.

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Thank God for wisdom and direction. It shows your eyes is truly set on the goal.

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I love this write-up and piece of advice.

May God continue to give you the foresight to forge ahead in the business. You’re one of the lucky ones who have received seed capital for 2019 cohorts. As I write this, about 1000 entrepreneurs are still awaiting disbursement since 2019.
But we’re hopeful. So imagine how many of us who’d love to be in your shoes right now.

Amen. I am happy that almost all 2019 cohort v received SC even if its not complete yet

Mr Edwin, thank God for his grace. I am really learning from your write-ups. Hope to see more of your advices and encouragements. God bless you.

Hello Becky, thank you for the comment. Sure you will get more of inspiring write up. Wishing you all the best. Rule your world.

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