The use of $5000 grant

After getting this grant, there will be a temptation of diverting it into something else.what can you do to overcome such temptation?


Have a set out plan before receiving the funds, this will guide you on how to utilize the grant when you get it


Tef, will make sure that temptation is overpowered by the training and mentorship.

By the way, is your business idea’s success not the reason why you are here?

Diveting the funds will make you … An enemy of Africa’s progress.


well as for me my dream business is moved with passion therefore i live it, i practice it daily so i know is what i can do best


Discipline is one of the great tools you need as an entrepreneur, so you can overcome this temptation by applying discipline to your plans and business.

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When you discipline yourself,you can do the needfull

An entrepreneur or a business man always make sure his or her business stand first before any other things he has.

You said it all. Nothing to add

My business presently suffer due to shortage of funds. I recycle the little cash available,ensuring turn-over. My vision and passion keep me going on daily basis. If i have the opportunity of the $5000 grant, greater challenges will be sorted out.

I share in your view on this. Having a good budget/plan in place is always a good solution to expected fund/cash. Again it gives the entrepreneur a clear direction and alternatives.

Personally that grant is aleady planned for ,in case it comes within my favor.The business i have made a year in February.Therefore i know where,how and what to use it for

That’s is the reason why TEFconnect ensures one has a business plan that is feasible enough.If one lacks strong vision and mission,the probability of diverting the fund is just one.

Il n’y aura même pas de tentation, puisque les 5.000§ n’est qu’une subvention qui m’aidera dans un premier temps à satisfaire une partie de mes clients en attente, et dans un second temps de constituer une trésorerie pour bénéficier d’un gros crédit auprès d’une banque.

Keeping my eye on my goals and staying focused is going to make it difficult to divert fund because I am making plans already so the money is only for smooth running of the ideas that’s already in place

Set goals now so you implement once you get the fund

Immediate execution of the project with the money, if not, the more the cash keeps been dormant in your account, the more the temptation of diverting the cash.

God can`t accept that these funds be diverted. We have already set plans for the proper utilization of these funds to boost our activities

That’s where discipline lies.
The question some of us should ask ourselves is do we really need or worth the grant? When I get the grant so I really have a set out plan for it.some people just wanna win the grant they wanna wait for the money before setting out plans.Lets be guided.

Try as much possible to be crystal clear with your vision and ideas. If your vision is compelling enough, it would propel you towards that goal. Once you receive the grant, invest it into the primary business/vision earmarked for it.

Definitely, $5000 grant will go along way of moving people from one stage of business to another. To me, it will bring total turnaround and dream come through of becoming a business owner, to create wealth, jobs and give back to the society. Am most favoured to be selected, and I know that at the end I will achieve it. Thank you TEF platform. Long live.