Think Global from the very beginning

You have to think global from day one of your business not only in terms of how and where you can sell your products or services. When forming your team, make it as diversifie as possible in terms of education, nationality, gender and previous experiences. Because of that cultural diversity, you will become more innovative, more resilient and have a much better foundation for growth than if you are all clones of each other. You may also consider having an advisory board consisting of people who can give you input for the future and who can connect you to stakeholder necessary for your future growth. Personally, I am on the advisory boards of a number of small and medium-sized companies. I get paid nothing or very little but I find it a great pleasure being able to help the next generation entrepreneurs. And I know a lot of people with a lot of experience and networks who feel the same way.


That is why networking is key

Waouh super idea.

Do big things in small ways. Over time, your cumulative successes would be the big dream you had.