Training or Funding, which is most important?

In your Entrepreneurial journey, do your consider Training (where you would acquire business knowledge), or Funding (capital) most important?


I think it all depends, meanwhile I will consider the funding as having the knowledge without the funding can not get the business started. Also, part of the funding can be used to acquire the needed knowledge or training.
However, the two are key to a successful business

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I equally think it depends on need of each person. Both are important

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Training is good as well as funding. After being trained on a business knowledge, there is need for funding to get that knowledge into practice. I will say both are important.

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To my own point of view, I believe they are all important in their own way.They work hand in hand.

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The training is priceless the funding is bonus, knowledge is success information is power.

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True, the two are key…

Training is a great tool for success.

Intensive training is very important in the entrepreneurial journey…Tho I believe both should go 2geda also

There is no use when you have the training and not being able to start your business cause of lack of fund… The fund is paramount, then comes after is the training… But also, the training will be of importance if only you are assured that you will get the funding at the end of the training…

Training and funding work hand in hand,training is your farmland while funding is the seed you plant they are both essential,that is why training comes first before funding,we are trained on fund management so we can channel the fund to the appropriate direction.

The answer to this could be in two ways; One, For one who already had capital, Training is key to invest rightly and remain in business; Two,for one who had no capital and/or Training, Training, yet is the Key because you may have the funds but could invest wrongly. Therefore, Training is the base for Funding.

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In my opinion, both are very crucial when one is talking about Entrepreneurship in this 21st Century. but of course, when one receives Training and also receives Funding next, the person is better placed in the right position to explore more into whichever Challeneges they are trying to find solutions to. Therefore achieving only one of these may not make a meaningful impact. The two must always go together if not at the same time, but simultaneously. My thoughts though.

i think training comes first before funding, becouse without the knowledge of how to carry out the business, failure is assured.

Training before funding

Training is absolutely good because it increases knowledge and prepares the individual for the task ahead then the funding is needed to help implementation