Two important tasks that must be accomplished daily in my business

The two important tasks that I will like to see accomplished daily in my business are as follows:
STOCK TAKING: this involve checking the level of raw materials to know when purchase order will be placed for New stock.
CHECKING SUPPLY ORDER: This involve checking the list of customers to be supplied to ensure that the products they ordered is delivered.


I don’t joke with these task either.


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They are so important

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Data; the Engine and Fuel that propels businesses to achieve maximum profitability. Data analytics is a whole new determining factor in Businesses today. In short, I’m advocating for adaptation by Entrepreneurs to the New Normal Business Environment. Stay focused and have a tunnel vision. Have a Prosperous New Month folks!!!

Goodnews, that is okay. I would advise that the stock taking & supply order can be taken as one task being performed by a department, while the accounting or financial task should be no 1 task be accomplished for accurate tracking of daily financial transactions , to the cash flow of the business.

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monitoring and evaluating

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For me while these tasks are good, they are still tactical. The major task of an entrepreneur I believe should be strategic