Value proposition- ceremony app

Through this Application various benefits will be attained by the community including the following:

  1. Reduction in time by those who are planning their ceremonies in finding the service providers
  2. Time efficiency and quality fulfillment of the service because the registration of the service providers will target those who are efficient and well organized (quality performance)
  3. The service providers will become more reliable to the ceremonial planners
  4. Will encourage other low service providers to enhance their abilities and will have a platform to show up their work performance
  5. Relative low cost to the customers


After 1 to 5 you said here @andrew there is so many we are with tef community to learn more

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Interesting concept!

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Wisdom is at work. TEF Connect is a cardinal standing point of African to the world.

The whites had successful given us the religion, while the science and technology have all been seized by them.
Thanks God for this man you provided to us Young Africans will have a chance to demonstrate great thoughts they have for better development of our Continent.