Value Proposition for Waste Management and Recyling Business

Nigreenia Waste and Recycling Limited is a start-up company that deals in collection, recycling and marketing of paper and cardboard waste for use as consumer products like paper sheets and paper bags. We’ll provide eco-friendly waste solutions which promotes a clean environment and conservation of natural resources towards sustainable development and offer a 100% environmentally friendly products with emphasis on high quality and good delivery services at a reasonable price.


Great value proposition. What’s the process involved in storage and processing for reuse?

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Great value proposition.

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Very lovely idea. But it’s quite long and should be summarised into a sentence to capture every beautiful essence because your idea is spot on


Its a great vaule you have. The value proposition should be one liner…e.g…
At Nigreenia Waste and Recycling Limited, we provide affordable eco-friendly, high quality waste management solutions for paper based materials


Nice initiative but can you narrow this down, I think its a bit bulky

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Great value Proposition but too long, maket it short in 2 or 3 sentenses.

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Hello Nurudeen,

Thank you for sharing your value proposition with us.
It interests me to read that you are focusing on conserving the environment while creating jobs and making money by recycling paper waste. This is very commendation especially this era in the life of Africa (Nigeria in particular) where hygiene owning to poor waste disposal has become a problem.

Your intention to delve into the business of recycling waste paper is a good one owning that Nigeria import a lot of paper products. And the question of quality is a defining factor in the paper industry according to Princewill (2017)- a Vanguard Newspaper Reporter. Kindly read Princewill’s report for more insight in the paper recycling business.

In the light of the problems your solution is designed to solve, I would like to ask questions that borders around the structure of your intending business.

It would delight you to know that I am a volunteer member to a registered non-governmental organization in Nigeria called Conserve Energy Initiative (CEI). CEI has done a lot of work in the area of energy conservation which transcends to saving the environment through recycling. In our studies, the main areas of waste recycling include: gathering, sorting, processing, marketing and sales of the final product.

This value chain requires a whole lot of planning, resources and strategy.
For example, to set up a paper waste recycling plant is capital intensive (see the report at the appendix).

Starting from your potential end product- recycled paper, the following are my questions:

  • who are your customers (week 2 lesson)?
  • have you met with them to really understand their problem(s) (week 1 lesson)?
  • Do you think they can drop the pure or imported paper to buy your locally made recycled paper?
  • How would you consistently get your raw materials and where would your processing plant be situated?

I really want to learn the entrepreneurial strategy you have adopted to break into the business.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Maryam Osiri

Princewill Ekwujuru (2017) “Operators Laments local Printing Paper Quality” Vanguard news Paper [Online] Link: (Accessed: 27th May 2020)


That’s a powerful proposition

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Great value proposition, this is one area that needs more intervention in our country and continent; Africa. We need more people exploring and innovating on Waste management and recycling, to provide cleaner environment, provide energy and conserve valuable resources. Welldone

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Powerful value proposition.

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This is a good and propelling value proposition.

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Waste Management is another goldmine in Nigeria, so with this your Value prop you are good to go


Hello Nurudeen,
I noticed that you are not responding to suggestions, recommendation and comments of members.

I look forward to hearing your view. Thanks

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@Princess_chenge I’m still working on a lot of processes and procedures. Thanks for the comment.

@Rani_Okhomina Thank you for the comment and recommendation. It’s well noted.
I appreciate. :blush::+1:

@Ugochukwu_Nwuzor Thanks for the observation and recommendation. It’s much noted.
I really appreciate. :blush::+1:

Okay @Amaechi_Victor_C noted, I will.
Thanks for your contribution. :ok_hand::+1::blush:

@ALEXANDRE_TINE Okay, thanks for your contribution. Well noted.
I appreciate. :+1::blush:

@Maryam_Osiri I really appreciate your time and effort to provide this information. Thanks for your wonderful contribution and I’ll keep in touch. Very much helpful and appreciated. :ok_hand::+1::blush: